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The 5 best decks for Season 5 of Clash Royale

The 5 best decks for Season 5 of Clash Royale

How have you been in this season of Clash Royale? There are still quite a few rewards for unlocking in the Pass Royale of the Season 5 of Clash Royale. That's why today we will tell you what are the top 5 decks this season so you win all the games and can redeem all those rewards.

It is important that you see them all, because find great differences between them. Not everyone plays the same and in some decks you will need more legendary cards than in others.

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These are the 5 best decks for Season 5 of Clash Royale

Cemetery Deck

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The first deck is the classic Cemetery-Poison. Well, these are your most powerful cards to attack. The rest of the cards, you should use them to defend yourself, since you have all kinds of defenses: areas, land or hordes.

To attack is quite simple, wait and see how your opponent plays, analyze what cards he uses, so realize when you're left elixir. When this happens, you should use the Graveyard with Poison to tear down the fastest tower. It takes time, but you will succeed.

Golem's Deck

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This second deck is a bit more offensive though, the same you depend on your main offensive card, the Golem. With a cost of 4.0 elixir, this deck defends itself practically all thanks to the Baby Dragn, the Mini Pekka, the Mega Minion and the Barrel of Brbaro.

He Poison help you eliminate hordes that want to beat your Golem, so, use this card with the Tornado to take off the Bats, Skeleton Army, Goblins or Minions that are already quite annoying.

We know that the Pekka is the main counter of the Golem, so use the Mini Pekka behind the Golem to help him survive.

Sparks Deck

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Sparks is back to stay. And because of its improvements in the last change of balance now is the terror in Clash Royale. Always use Sparks behind the Giant. In addition, you can defend it with the Electric Wizard and Trunk.

The Lpida and the Infernal Dragn is to defend you from heavy cards and strong as the Golem or the Pekka. Use the Download to eliminate annoying hordes. Remember to manage your elixir well, because, although the deck is 3.6 of elixir, Sparks and the Giant are cards that if you use them together makes you run out of a drop of elixir.

Pekka's Deck

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