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service management and creation

Google Glass manejo


How Google Glass works: service management and creation

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April 5, 2013

Google Glass handling

On Gafas Google rivers of ink have already run and many aspects have been commented on their possible consequences, on their price, on health risks. Until now he has been able to make us think about the future and whether we will like it or not. Despite all this intellectual exercise, to reach a point where smartglasses are a tool that we should fully consider, applications and services that work with their hardaware and software must be generated. In Austin during the SXSW, the Mountain View gave a lecture in which they explained how to create services for Google Glass to developers and journalists. Today that video has been posted on the YouTube channel for the company's developers.

The video is really extensive and in some moments really technical. We recommend that you keep an eye on him if you have time and if you cannot read some of the conclusions we draw from him here.

In that video Timothy Jordan, a Google developer, gives us a tour of the Mirror API, the interface that developers should use to create services. From that presentation, we extract an idea. The experience of the glasses is based on a web application, which is much easier to understand than the Android API. It is a simple post system to which users sign up allowing developers to send them cheld directly to the Timelime's screen.

The Timeline is a visualization of the different cards with certain navigation elements. All information and content receive a card format similar to Now's and then are placed in a temporary order on a line that we can navigate back and forth. There are some cards that have other associated supplements, but it is still posted information.

In the beginning of the video we can see how would we handle Google Glass. First, the device is turned on with head gestures or voice commands. Then, access to services and searches is done through voice commands. Finally, a few simple touches and gestures on the touch panel located on the pin are the navigation commands.

Source: The Verge