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RPG and cat fighting

After delighting iPhone users for a couple of months we finally have it on Android: Cat Quest lands on our system with its wonderful cat world. Awesome.

Few mobile games developed specifically for this platform are committed to offering a wide world, rich in details, well designed and with a story capable of engaging throughout the game's trajectory. There are not many, but at least we have representatives like Cat quest: It is a wonder worth trying. Also delight: the cat world created for the occasion invites you to stroll for hours.

The images are representative since the graphic richness of Cat Quest is huge. Colorful design, characters full of charisma and emotional richness, real-time fighting that takes advantage of the simplicity of the touches on the mobile screen … Cat Quest has taken a good stack of prizes. It also has a price, but is well worth the 5.49 euros it costs. Haven't you downloaded it on your Android yet? You will get hooked, as has happened to us.

RPG combat game with an innovative touch system

The most impressive and long game you can try on your Android: Cat Quest

As in all role-playing games we will have an extensive map to move our cat protagonist. The map includes lakes, rivers, sea, forests … And villages, many villages. All the scenarios have a high graphic level and at no time do you leave the game screen: all the fighting takes place without loads and on the same map. Although the game is complex, at all times offers maximum simplicity.

The most impressive and long game you can try on your Android: Cat Quest

The world we will have in our hands is open, so we can move as we please; as long as we have the borders open since we will have to carry out missions. The main story is long and with the characters characterized so that it fits into a title with a broad development behind. In addition, we have more than 60 side missions, there are more than 60 caves and dungeons scattered throughout the gatuno world and Cat Request maintains a guaranteed duration of several hours.

The most impressive and long game you can try on your Android: Cat Quest

Cat Quest is a paid game that lacks any other impediment to enjoy it with maximum dedication. It will please fans of classic RPGs and also those who are looking for a great mobile game to hang out with. Without fast games being limited: We can play for a few minutes and pause the game by going to nap in a village. How are you reading it?

Created with such care that it doesn't seem like a mobile game

I think it would be a good summary in one sentence: Cat quest It is one of those mobile games that are happening very little lately. Developed with intelligence, innovative, very funny, charismatic and with excellent graphics. When you try it, you will fall asleep. In Spanish and with a catch: in the dialogues, admirations are mixed with questions, an inconvenience that we hope to correct in future updates.