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Pixels are a test lab for Google software

In the mobile phone industry, companies seek to earn money. That's nothing new. But despite that there are some firms that do not focus exclusively or mostly on that.

When Google closed the Nexus brand now three years ago, when it created a new image for its smartphones, looking for a new approach with which to compete with the rest of the industry. Although it does not seem to be his main intention.

We have been three generations of this family and in all of them we have seen a pattern that repeats itself: exclusive functions in the software section. Pixels are Google?s test lab.

Pixel and Pixel XL: Launcher and Smart Assistant

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<p>The first Google phones, The Google Pixel and Pixel XL, were the ones that presented the Pixel Launcher, a new way to show the desktops, with a strong integration with the Google assistant.</p>
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Google Pixel XL: Analysis and user experience

Analysis of Google Pixel XL, the newest Android phone manufactured by Google and ready to face the iPhone.

We cannot ignore that this was the first smartphone to arrive with the Google Assistant preinstalled

Finally, remember that these phones came with unlimited storage in Google Photos in high quality, although for a few years.

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL: a spectacular portrait mode

The Google Pixel 2 screen is not as bad as it seems

A year later, Google launched the second version of its terminals, two smartphones that significantly improved the software section, again focused on photography.

The first change was his own Pixel Launcher, which evolved to a more polished form, with the movement of the search bar to the lower area.

In the camera we saw a new portrait mode that did not require the implementation of a double camera. In fact it was one of the best in this section. The integration of Google Lens was also seen for the first time in this model.

Unlimited storage of Google Photos is maintained.

Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL: IA and more camera modes