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Now or never update your iOS from your Phone 5

If you are using an iPhone 5, you really need to hurry up and update your iOS. Otherwise, you could lose many functions


She is worried enough that the company has sent full screen alerts and even posted a great note on its support website to remind iPhone owners that they will need to update their iOS to at least version 10.3.4 in November. 3.

It all has to do with the GPS reset problem that hit the old devices in April and Apple patched in July with the iOS update mentioned above. Apple was not alone; Many other devices that use GPS were affected by the problem.

The first GPS systems recorded each week as a 10-digit number and transferred every 1,024 weeks (approximately 20 years); It is a problem that has been compared to the infamous Y2K error.

The first overturn

It happened in August 1999 before smartphones and their GPS capabilities were one thing. But the following happened in April, and problems arose through GPS systems to cause problems with the phones.

Although the transfer occurred in April, Apple said in July, when an update was released, that the problem would not affect older devices until November 3, 2019.

According to Apple

The update

"It will maintain an accurate GPS location and (will allow users) to continue using features that are based on the correct date and time, including App Store, iCloud, email and web browsing."

In other words

If you don't update, all the useful features on your iPhone 5 will be useless. Or at least you will have to update your iOS through the computer, which is never fun.

Other devices: Like the iPhone 4S and iPad 2, they will lose GPS capabilities, but that's it.

This does not affect many people: Engadget says that Apple reports that only nine percent of users still use an iOS version earlier than iOS 12, while Apple discontinued the iPhone 5 in September 2013 and classified the iPhone 5 as "Vintage." in November 2018.