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New tablets Polaroid prepares a basic terminal called Jet C7


New tablets Polaroid prepares a basic terminal called Jet C7

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August 17, 2017

polaroid jet c7 screen

Although convertible formats suppose the bulk of sales for a couple of years, the truth is that new conventional tablets still appear that, without making great displays, and with the pretense of offering basic features but at an affordable price, also occupy an important place not only on the shelves of large establishments, but also in the preferences of consumers.

On other occasions we have told you that in many cases, more modest firms can only create very simple terminals with those trying to enter the market. However, this strategy is also used by more consolidated firms in other fields that want to get their piece of cake in other branches of consumer electronics. Here we tell you more about the tablet what Polaroid has announced only a few hours ago and that it is aimed precisely at those users who do not require cutting-edge features.


At the moment not much is known about this model, nicknamed Jet C7 when it comes to design Existing photographs show a terminal black, which, as we will see now, will be small and will not offer any significant difference to what we are used to seeing. It will be available in several more colors.

new polaroid tablets

New modest tablets

Before we told you that this support will be characterized by having small dimensions. Your screen will be only 7 inches, which makes it distract very little from the great Max phablets that some firms have already launched. In terms of image and performance is not known much more. According to GSMArena, it will have a rear camera and another dual that in both cases, will remain in the 5 Mpx, a processor that will reach maximum frequencies of 1 Ghz and 3G connection. The RAM it will be of 1 GB while the initial storage capacity will be 8. The operating system chosen is Marshmallow.

Availability and price

This device, which has been announced with two more smartphones, will not see the light in Europe for now. Mexico It could be the first place he would take action very soon. It would arrive through one of the most important telephone companies in the country. It is unknown what its starting price will be and if it would later see the light in other markets such as the United States or Asians.

Do you think that the new conventional tablets will get a prominent role in the short term? Do you think that the commitment of many firms for these media can give some clue about the fact that the simplest ones are still strong? We leave you available related information about other similar models so you can learn more.