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Netflix gives an intimate look at Mexican culture with its productions

netflix mexican culture lorena light feetThe scene begins with a young woman who runs at full speed through a mountain, regardless of the harsh conditions posed by the terrain of the Mexican mountains. In the background, you can listen to a song in Tarahumara language, also called rarmuri. Dressed in the traditional Tarahumara outfit, including a floral skirt and a pair of sandals (or huaraches), this young Mexican Indian is a character that attracts the attention of her own and strangers. Your name? Lorena Ramrez. And she is the central figure of a new Netflix documentary titled Lorena, the one with light feet. Directed by Juan Carlos Rulfo, the short documentary seems to be a portrait of Lorena while training and running in the mountains where she grew up, as well as the development of the many careers she has come to dominate. But this is not the only production that Netflix is ??making available to its users to highlight Mexican culture and landscapes.

Imagine a Tabasco beach, that of Paraso, where Rome, the Oscar-winning film, places its most dramatic scene under a cloudy sky and waves that form as omens. Or a market, that of the city of Oaxaca, which has inspired the creations of Mexican cuisine lovers, including those of renowned chef Enrique Olvera. Or maybe a mountain range, the Sierra Madre Occidental, which is the home of the rarmuris and Lorena, that of the light feet, protagonist of the most recent Netflix original documentary that is already available. Its director, Juan Carlos Rulfo, describes this short film as a reflection on the strength that the environment can give to the human being.

These original Netflix series, films and documentaries capture unique places in Mexico and invite global audiences to enjoy them. And then we present some of these jewels:

  • Tabasco – Rome
    • In the story written by Alfonso Cuarn, Cleo, Sofa and the children embark on a trip to Veracruz. Behind the screen, these scenes were captured in the neighboring state of Tabasco, in the municipalities of Paraso and Centro.
  • Oaxaca – Chefs Table
    • The fourth episode of the second season of this series follows the renowned chef Enrique Olvera through the streets of Oaxaca, a place that inspires him to create one of his most emblematic dishes: The mole mother of Olvera.
  • Chihuahua – Lorena, the one with light feet
    • Among the scenarios shown in the documentary is Guachochi, known as the capital of the Rarmuri world, and Lorena's house, which is three hours away. The place is known as El hormiguero, and to get there you have to cross ros, gorges and the impressive Sinforosa ravine; a beautiful place away from everything and everyone.
  • Yucatn – Salt, Fat, acid, Heat
    • In the third episode, American chef Samin Nostrat visits the markets of Mrida, Yucatn, to enjoy the flavors that orange, honey and sauces give to the dishes of the region.
  • Jalisco – Monarch
    • Tequila, one of the magical towns of Mexico, serves as one of the locations of the Mexican series Monarca, which tells the battle between three brothers to lead a business empire based on tequila. The series covers the extensive fields of agave, among which stories of betrayal and power are interwoven.
  • Puebla – Everyone at the table
    • Chef Angel Vzquez represents in this global competition his hometown, Puebla, with pork tacos and shrimp, seasoned with a pipin sauce, and an avocado cactus and prickly pear. In the episode, the chef talks about being a Puebla ambassador to the world, since he has cooked for two Mexican presidents and two potatoes.
  • Baja California Sur – Our planet
    • The documentary series Our planet travels to the Baha de Loreto National Park in Baja California Sur, to portray marine nature. From this place, unique in the world, you can see 70% of marine mammals that are registered in Mexico, including the magnificent blue whale.
  • Hermosillo – The chronicles of the taco
    • This documentary series not only opened our appetite, it also motivated locals and tourists to go out to the streets to look for those blockbusters that appeared in the episodes including the Armando Tacos.

And the next destination? Tijuana, the border city, to be one of the main stages of the original Netflix musical comedy: Like fallen from the sky, in which Omar Chaparro give life to an impersonator of Pedro Infante. The film can be seen on Netflix from December 24.

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