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Like FaceApp, but animated: Snapchat introduces a filter that ages and rejuvenates its users

The social network
Snapchat It has introduced in its application a new function of augmented reality camera – known as lenses on the platform – that allows to modify the appearance of age of the faces of the users to rejuvenate or age them.

The new feature, called Time Machine, functions precisely as a 'time machine', with a line that, if it slides to the left, gradually gives a younger appearance to the user's face, and that to the right confers an aspect of older.

As the company has shown in a video in which it presents the function, the new lens softens the skin of the face and removes the beard in the young mode, while the old mode introduces wrinkles and converts hair and facial hair to gray hair .

Time Machine is integrated between the different Snapchat augmented reality lenses, and the application is informing its users through notifications of this new filter, allowing it to be released for 24 hours and added to the lens wheel.

Time Machine presents an alternative to
other recent applications that age and rejuvenate users such as Russian FaceApp, criticized because their policies keep the right to use personal photographs for commercial purposes. Snapchat allows its users to preview the lens before taking the image, as usual in the app.

As always, it is likely that within a short time a filter very similar to this one is available on Instagram Stories, where Facebook usually implements ideas that were born on Snapchat.