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Lenovo's new Android tablet promises to be more powerful than your computer

For some of us, Lenovo It is already an old acquaintance, for others it is the brand of all the monitors that they appreciated in Transformers 3, but the truth is that Lenovo is a true technological giant, being the 2nd worldwide and the largest in the pacific-asian region.

To think that a company of this caliber would settle for 3 or 4 tablets was nonsense and of course, it has not let us down. The launch is confirmed for end of this year, of a new tablet of 10.1 ? operated by Ice Cream Sandwich and armed with 2 GB of DDR3 RAM to 1600 Mhz (EYE with this because it sweeps the competition) and the new Tegra 3 quad-core at 1?6 Ghz. Apparently, they have also included a USB port, hidden by a not very graceful cap, a fingerprint scanner that would also act as optical joystick in the back (I do not see much logic to this, at the moment) and as for the resolution of the camera, we still do not have specific data.The whole itself promises to be thinner than previous models from the Chinese manufacturer.

Source: Engadget