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Kindle Fire: With Android Market, with 1-click root and video against iPad 2

He Kindle Fire he has the honor or rather and I venture to say, that he will have the honor of undoing the ipad and be the fashion tablet of the moment, especially this Christmas, and it will be for many reasons:

By number of sales they are making, which is breaking all records and forcing Amazon to accelerate its production, by price, which discards competitors, by business model too, because it offers exclusivities and a closed content model on an open system how is Android and precisely because of Android and that Amazon allows certain flexibilities for people to do what they want with their device, so much so that it can be rooted, you can download the source code of the version of the system you have done Amazon and you can also install the Android Market to enjoy not only the apps from the Amazon App Store, that is, a powerful hardware, virtually unlimited in software for a competitive price. Without a doubt, a bombshell.

Root the Kindle Fire and install the Android Market

A few hours after being put on sale, it has already managed to root the Kindle Fire and therefore be able to mess with it all we want, and of course, it has been possible to export this method so that you can do it yourself with a simple click .

to get started

  • Get the root access to the Kindle Fire HERE
  • Download the following apk:
    • GoogleServicesFramework.apk
    • Vending.apk (Latest Version 3.3.11)
  • Install Root Explorer App
  • We have to activate Side Loading Apps in our Kindle Fire, to do this: On the Kindle Fire configuration screen go to ?Device? and on On in ?Allow Installation of Application From Unknown Sources?.


  1. Transfer the apk to your Kindle Fire.
  2. Open Root Explorer App and navigate to where you saved them.
  3. First select GoogleServiceFramework.apk and install it.
  4. Once completed press «Done» and return to the folder where you have Vending.apk
  5. Press Vending.apk for a few seconds until more options appear and select "Move" from the pop-up.
  6. Go to the / system / app folder.
  7. Change ?mount option?, that is, how the image will be mounted from RO to RW (from read-only to read-write)
  8. Paste Vending.apk in the / system / app folder.
  9. Once pasted, press Vending.apk again for a few seconds until the pop-up appears and click on «Permissions».
  10. Change the permissions to be like the rest of the applications in this folder (rw-r-r-).
  11. Restart the Kindle Fire
  12. Once restarted you can enter Android Market and log in the traditional way.

As we always say, watch what you do and for the moment as we do not have any at hand, we refer you to the source :; Android Police. When we can try it, we will give you a complete tutorial, for the moment only for brave English speakers who have been able to buy one in the US, since in Spain it is not yet available

And now the video that confronts him against the iPad 2, where, to be honest, the iPad 2 looks better, in navigation it looks looser for example. You can not ask for the elm pears on a device that has just come out and for that price, it will surely improve with updates made by Amazon. Still you can give us some idea, until?. next week, let's have it in our hands and make you a full review, if yes, as you read, next week, we will have one and you can see how it works. Stay tuned πŸ™‚