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Journey of a comet, an ideal game for young and not so young

Embody the role of a comet, it sounds boring at first … then try it and you face challenges to meet, full of exorbitant physics.

Within the whole range of options that we find in Android games, for some supersaturated … There are bets that, with simple details, dazzle the player.

The protagonist of today is from those "jewels" that often go unnoticed. What on paper could be somewhat boring and without any appeal, becomes one of the games that give more to think about the last era.

Trip of a comet

Orbits, orbits everywhere

We are a comet that walks through outer space, simple, simple and boring? Nothing is further from reality, our protagonist proposes challenges that are gradually increasing in difficulty.

In addition, it shows us that for to make a good game you don't need great shows, the only thing necessary is to have an idea and know how to carry it out in the most efficient way. Simple and direct.

Once downloaded and installed, we run the game and what we find is a declaration of intent. The main menu is minimalist, having three game options, in addition to the settings.

Appropriate graphics, in a suitable game

The game has a soundtrack that accompanies you

As soon as we start the first game we will have before our eyes a simple and well designed environment. Remember that we are a comet, so we will move through outer space, surrounded by planets.

The graphics are from 2D vector design, full of colors and smooth lines. Our protagonist, as a good comet, is represented by a simple bright white dot. If you are one of those looking for the latest graphics … do not run away yet.

Under a simple appearance, there is a game that will challenge you in each level

A pleasant sound experience

A gameplay that will get on your nerves in a fun way

A good puzzle game should have a music that is like a good butler, it is unnoticed. The musical selection of Trip of a comet It is exactly that. He accompanies us during the game, helping us to focus on the game.

Both music and sound effects can be disabled in the settings menu. However being so minimalist, like the whole game in general, is not a detail that is annoying.

Turn off music or sound effects, they may break the gaming experience

A control that unites simplicity and physical …

The simplicity that hides some physics of another ... galaxy