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Huawei tablet sales grow dramatically

Is it a good time to buy Huawei tablets or are you interested in waiting for the new ones?


It's not just the iPad: Huawei tablets also succeed

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August 4, 2017

This week is talking a lot about iPad recovery and about what are the reasons for this success of Manzana, but we have new data on the evolution of the tablet market in this last quarter and it seems that the Huawei tablet sales They are rising like foam. We discover you what are the 5 brands that dominate right now and how each one of them did.

Huawei tablet sales grow almost 50% over the previous year

It is true that 15% increase in iPad sales It is much more relevant considering the figures in which they usually move, but the reality is that the Huawei tablets, in proportion, they have gained much more ground, with a growth compared to last year of nothing less than 47.1%. Even in absolute numbers we find your success you don't have so much to envy Manzana, because we are talking about almost a million more units sold.

More discounts for Huawei tablets to consider in mid-range and basic

More discounts for Huawei tablets to consider in mid-range and basic

We can't say he misses us either, because the 2017 Huawei tablet catalog It is one of the widest of the moment and has in its favor the attractiveness that always gives an excellent quality / price ratio. And that, without forgetting, that at least in our country the offers in different models, including many of the most recently launched, they do not stop happening, giving us the opportunity to make us with their tablets even cheaper.

The top 5 tablet sales right now

This increase in sales for tablets Huawei it has earned him to enter the podium by displacing the Lenovo tablets, the only one of the big brands that has worsened slightly compared to last year. It is not even close to being enough, however, to attempt the assault on the second position, where Samsung is firmly consolidated and a long way from its pursuers, although now a little further from Apple. We must also congratulate, by the way, Amazon, whose new Fire seems to be working very well too.

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It is no accident, of course, that this ranking coincides almost perfectly with our top 5 tablet brands (except that we grant fifth place to Xiaomi for its minority but excellent My Pad 3), because it is logical that they are the manufacturers that more interesting models are taking to the stores those that reap a greater success. It is also noteworthy that more and more of the market is concentrated in these brands.

No surprises: good quality and attractive prices work

It may be curious that the best results were obtained by manufacturers with seemingly different proposals, but the truth is that in reality all of them have in common to be a reference in quality in the different sectors in which each of them move: Manzana in the high range, Huawei in the mid-range especially and Amazon between low-cost tablets. Samsung covers much more ground, so it is a little special case.

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