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Huawei can continue to use ARM technologies for its chipsets

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After the blockade that the United States implanted Huawei, several companies have been searching for resources to verify if they can continue to carry out their actions normally with the Chinese firm without having any problems with the Trump administration. ARM is one of these.

HiSilicon is Huawei's semiconductor subsidiary that produces the Kirin chipsets of its mobile phones – and those of Honor as well. ARM has confirmed that this company is authorized to use its ARM v8-A and V9 architectures as they are of British origin.

While ARM is a British multinational company, a few months ago it had revealed that some of its technologies were of "American origin." This news was a great blow to the company, since it depends largely on ARM CPU and GPU designs for its Kirin SoC line that powers its smartphones. Nevertheless, After months of careful analysis, ARM has finally determined that it can continue its business with Huawei. (Find out: Huawei exceeds its sales record two months after the end of the year)


What is also interesting is the fact that it is also confirmed that ARM v9 architecture is of British origin, which means that Huawei's next-generation Kirin processors are authorized to use this technology.

"ARM v8 and v9 are technologies of British origin," an ARM spokeswoman told Reuters by email on Friday. "ARM can support HiSilicon for the ARM v8-A architecture, as well as for the next generation of that architecture, after a thorough review of both architectures, which were determined to be of origin in the United Kingdom."

This further clarifies Huawei's path to the future. It is clear how the Chinese firm dodges the US sanctions. UU. and, at the same time, how companies that have or have had contracts with it seek ways to continue exercising agreements with it.

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