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How to scan QR codes on your iPhone or Android phone

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As smartphones become increasingly ubiquitous, so do QR codes. These squares of labyrinth design are a kind of matrix bar code that contains data; In general, QR codes redirect to the URL of a website or open an application. You still don't know how to scan QR codes? Well you're reading the right article.

And, although they seem confusing, QR codes are ridiculously easy to use. Follow these simple steps that we then give you and turn your phone into an instant QR code scanner, using nothing but your default camera application.

How to scan a QR code on an iPhone

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Step 1: open the camera application

Apple's iPhone has integrated QR code scanning capabilities, so it is not necessary to download a separate scanning application unless you really want to. If you have iOS 12, see that there is even a direct QR code reader in the Control Panel.

Step 2: place your phone so that the QR code appears in the digital viewfinder

The camera application should automatically recognize the QR code. Of course, the correct distance and angle can help. The QR code does not need to fill the entire screen, but the four corners must be visible.

If your camera is too tilted, the application may have trouble recognizing the code, so a direct approach is better. Image stabilization technology helps a lot with trembling hands, but try to avoid moving too much so that the square of the code remains visible.

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Step 3: activate the code

Your iPhone does not automatically start the QR code activity. Instead, a notification bar appears at the top of the screen that shows that the QR has been registered, usually with a brief practical description of what the code would do, such as opening a specific web page. If you think the QR is safe, tap on the notification bar to activate it and start the code activity.

How to scan a QR code on an Android phone

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Step 1: check if your Android phone is compatible with QR code scanning

Not all Android phones come with this capability, so you may have to perform some additional steps before scanning. One of those ways is through Google Assistant, which can detect QR codes. Simply press the Start cone or say ?OK, Google?, then touch the Google Lens cone in the lower right.

If you have a Samsung phone with Bixby capabilities, it can also automatically detect QR codes. Otherwise, you may need to add an application. We suggest you download the QR Code Reader app, which is a simple and effective option (although it comes with ads), or the i-nigma Barcode Scanner, which is a bit more complex.

Step 2: open your scanning application

Open the application, either Bixby, QR Code Reader, the Samsung Optical Reader optical reader, or any other option that is installed on your Android phone. These applications must have a ?scan? function that you can choose immediately, or open directly in a scan window through the camera.