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How to improve the signal of my cell phone? Here we tell you

If you sometimes miss calls, cut or receive notifications of missed calls when your phone never is, don't worry because you're not the only one. The intensity of the phone's signal is somewhat volatile and the phone strives to find the best coverage, especially inside the home or office, and can be incredibly frustrating. The signal bars in your phone actually only provide an approximate reference to the intensity of coverage and different manufacturers have different measures, so the bars in one phone are not directly comparable with those of another. Both your phone, your operator and the interference in your location determine the strength of your signal. How to improve the signal of my cell phone? What to do if you do not have coverage or if it is irregular? We tell you some suggestions on how to improve your phone's signal.

Change your location

how to improve the signal of my cell phone

We have all walked in certain areas trying to find that sweet place where the bars rise, and it is quite common to find dead spots at home or work. They can be caused by interference or building materials that block the signal. The simplest is to try to move to another place to make a call. Go up the stairs, go outside, go to the window, find a place where reception is good and call for future calls.

Remove the cover

Your phone case may be interfering with the intensity of your signal, especially if it is a thick housing or has metal. Try removing it to see if this helps improve reception or call quality.

Use Wi-Fi calls

There is a great possibility that you have a Wi-Fi network in your home or office, in this case, why not use it to make and receive calls? Wi-Fi calls are now widely available and can be as simple as changing a setting on your phone. On an iPhone go to Settings> Phone> Wi-Fi Calling and make sure it's activated. The settings can be located in different places on different Android phones, so open the Configuration and use the search at the top to search for Wi-Fi calls. You should also check with your operator to find out what their Wi-Fi calls policy is. Some operators may ask you for an extra fee.

If you can't get calls over Wi-Fi to work with your number and operator, you can use an application or service to make and receive calls over Wi-Fi. Many of the best messaging applications also allow you to make calls through your Wi-Fi connection, although the person you call will also have to have the same application.

Check your settings

how to improve the signal of my cell phone iphone 11 pro review 3 768x768

Make sure your network configuration is correct. You must ensure that you connect to the correct operator and that voice and data are activated. You can try changing network preferences and see if it works.

On an iPhone, go to Settings> Phone. On an Android, be Settings> Network and Internet or maybe if you have a Samsung go to Settings> Connections> Mobile networks. If you see everything normal, try restarting to see if this fixes it. On an iPhone, it is Settings> General> Reset> Reset network settings, but keep in mind that this will also reset your Wi-Fi networks and passwords, so you should configure them again. In an Android phone, differ from one device to another; in a Pixel 4 is Settings> System> Reset options> Reset Wi-Fi, mobile and Bluetooth, but in a Samsung Galaxy S10 it is Settings> General administration> Reset> Reset network settings.

Change operator

Most operators have a coverage map that shows what areas your network covers and what type of connection you can expect. Find out what is the best provider in your area and consider switching to it. Find coverage maps for leading operators worldwide in Open Signal.

Check where the nearest repeater is

how to improve the signal of my cell phone cell radio tower 768x768

If you can find out where your nearest cellular tower is, it will be easier for you to move to a closer location to connect to it. You can check the Cell Mapper website that offers crowdsourcing locations for cell towers. Be sure to select your operator to find the nearest tower.

Buy a seal enhancer

As a last resort, you can resort to buying a signal enhancer and it is possible for your provider to provide one. Sometimes there may be problems with call transfers: if you are taking a call and leaving the building, the call may be interrupted when you try to switch to another tower. Operators sell these devices, but if the coverage is not good in your home or office and protests, there is a possibility that they will give you one for free.

The other option is to obtain a signal amplifier or a cellular repeater. You can use an outdoor antenna to take a signal from the outside, increase it and then transmit it to an indoor antenna that distributes it inside your home, office or even in a vehicle. If you are going to follow this route, do your homework and choose carefully. It is important to remember that these devices only work if there is a signal to start. They can also cause interference.

It is a good idea to read about possible security problems if you are considering any of these devices for your home or office.

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