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Hoppia Tale arrives in silence as one of the action games of the year

Hoppia Tale takes our applause for taking us on an adventure with a lot of pixel art and that surprises with the dynamic of its games. It is the clear example of how to take a freemium game in which in the first games we are dedicated to play without ads.

A very colorful title that stands out for the design of its characters, the addictive gameplay and that great work done in the technical aspect as in the visual. Nor will we forget to remember what the levels design so that they keep us totally hooked.

A game full of color and life

Hoppia Tale plays in his hand with some very good cards. The first of them is the design of his characters and that colorful world around us. Nor does the animation fail to display a good experience when we move with our character with gestures or simply explore the level in search of those coins.


The second of his letters are the puzzles and those levels that are spun one after another without we can go to a welcome screen. Basic puzzles in the first games so that they get complicated as we progress.

Those puzzles will be in some dungeon-style levels in which we have to solve the puzzle to open the door Take us to the next one. In between we will find all kinds of enemies and that ability to eliminate them with a blow from our protagonist.

Play at the levels of your colleagues

Apart from being able to choose as we go progressing to other petsAt the beginning we can choose between two. This means that as we get coins we can unlock new characters to add points to the great experience that Hoppia Tale implies.

Hopia action

And if we talk about having inspired by games like Zelda, Goof Troop and Bomberman, we can better understand where the game mechanics will go as we go along. It is a game that shows that from the first moment everything is more than studied to catch the player in his experience; and well it does.

In Hoppia Tale we will have different worlds with a personalized character, we can play levels created by other players, you will have your workshop to build yours and challenge your friends in a global time trial. There is also the construction of a house that your friends can visit online and that ton of clothes and accessories that await you in this great game for Android.

A great game

If in these weeks we have had Pokémon Masters, One Punchman: Road to Hero or Gears Pop, honestly, we stay with Hoppia Tale and how easy it is to start playing and not stop until you have built your house and saved the progress. A very well designed game in which no detail is missing to become one of the pixel art games of the year.Tale

We have already highlighted its most important aspects, but vwe forget to emphasize the sympathy that their protagonists squander, the freshness of their well-worked animations and with a well-defined objective and what their levels are so that we have to eat a little head to solve them. A game in which the multiplayer is present as something secondary, but that gives you a lifetime to share this game and your colleagues enter to enjoy their games quietly and without frights.

Hoppia Tale is a great come to Android and that stands out for the very well done things without having on its back the advertising that Pokémon Masters or Gears Pop could have spent coming from who it comes from. An unpretentious action game that stands out by itself for how good it has been. Chapeau to its creators and keep it up, here we are waiting for you. Of course, do not miss the appointment with version 1.3 of Terraria if you are going pixel art.