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HomePod software: how to update and add new features

Apple announced in June 2019 during the celebration of its WWDC event, important news for HomePods and since last October 28 are already available through the update of iOS 13 on the iPhone.

However, due to the problems with which some users of HomePod systems were found, Apple withdrew the iOS 13.2 update shortly thereafter, to release a new one.

If it turns out that you have already updated your iPhone and HomePod, you should not encounter any problems, as long as you do not restart the HomePod or delete it from the Home application. If you do, you may need to take your HomePod to Apple for review!

Once the new update of software iOS 12.3, all you have to do is update your HomePod to get the new features, which include voice detection, transfer functions and more. We will explain how to update your HomePod.

HomePod software and versions

Version 13 of the HomePod software arrived along with iOS 13.2 on October 28, 2019. It was expected to arrive along with iOS 13 on September 19, 2019, but Apple delayed its arrival.

As we mentioned earlier, this update was withdrawn shortly after it was issued after some people discovered that their HomePods did not start after restarting. Apple now warns the HomePod to run the software iOS 13.2. should not be restarted according this Apple support document.

Apple's recommendation is to update the HomePod to iOS 13.2.1 before restarting the device or moving on. If it turns out that you have already restored the HomePod or removed it from the Home App and it does not respond, we indicate the steps to follow.

How to update your HomePod software

As with the rest of the brand's devices, the HomePod can update its software automatically, but if you're wondering if there's an update you've missed, follow these steps.

The update of HomePod is possible through the iPhone application, so you must first make sure that your iPhone software is also updated to the latest version.

To make sure your iPhone software is up to date, go to Settings> General> Update software. Your iPhone look for updates and see the message that your iPhone is up to date or one that indicates that there is software to install.

If you need to update the software of your iPhone, continue. For more tips on how to update your iPhone, read how to update the iOS operating system.

Once you have the last version of software On your iPhone, you will be ready to update your HomePod. It proceeds as follows:

  1. Swipe your finger down anywhere on the iPhone screen and type in the field to search for the word Home.
  2. If there is an update, see an indication that an update is available.
  3. If you don't see a message, click on the House icon in the upper left corner.
  4. Scroll down the page to identify the software currently installed on your HomePod. If an update is available, click Details.
  5. Click Download and install.
  6. You must accept the agreements of the terms and conditions.
  7. The update will download.
  8. You can choose to install updates automatically by pressing on the slider so it is green.
  9. Click on your HomePod under Favorite Accessories.
  10. Click on Details
  11. If you don't see a note that an update is available, go to Details as indicated above, scroll to the bottom of the page and check what version is in the list.

It is very likely that the update was done automatically.