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First videoreview of the Asus Transformer Prime and first approach to Ice Cream Sandwich

I think it's the first time that a tablet causes as much or more expectation than a smartphone, and all this without being one of the most popular brands in these sectors. Yes, Asus is a leading brand in computers, but from there to the market of tablets and smartphones there is a great step that knew how to cement doing things well with the first Transformer, that is why this is its second version of which we have already spoken , and we also know their prices and arrival in Spain, cause so much expectation.

Now we have to see their capabilities live and calm down while seeing that Ice Cream Sandwich It is already in an advanced development process for the Transformer Prime, and all this, at a speed of vertigo, without the competition having yet said anything, well yes, it said months ago and with that it will give for the Christmas campaign, so that until the MWC I don't think we see an answer, that is, almost 4 months or more, where Asus has free way to sweep the tablet market of last generation, that is, 4-core processor and the latest version of android mainly.

And now a small video where you already see it working with a first version of Ice Cream sandwich

More photos and details of the Prime in this blog