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Facebook wants more control over the production of memes

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  • According to Consequence Board, memes are more popular than Jesus Christ

  • Statista notes that Facebook is the social network with the most sharing activity in the world

  • The term memesurgi in 1976 to describe the mechanisms of cultural transmission

Advertising and popular culture have a very close relationship. In the first instance, almost all brands are guided by what is popular or is perceived as authentic to generate their campaigns and commercial initiatives. To this we must add that, in many ways, marketing is not only a reflectionbut a way of shape international idiosyncrasy. Nowhere is the principle as clear as in the use of materials known as memes.

For several years now, memes and advertising have a very close relationship. Since last year that Forbes believe that the meme marketing there will be a sub-discipline of long-range marketing. Social Media Examiner It points out that they are useful resources, due to their low cost, which foster a sense of community and their ability to create brand relevance. To this must be added that, according to Shane barker, are fast and easily viralizable.

In this sense, memes are already a basic tool in the profit portfolio of any marketing expert and brands in general. Of course, these resources are not only valuable from the moment they begin to circulate in the network. There is also great value in being able to control the way in which the users themselves begin to generate them. Therefore, it is not surprising the path that Facebook is taking with its new app mobile.

A app to control the production of memes

In accordance with The Information, Facebook has a new program for iOS devices that went almost unnoticed. It's about Whale, a app which is currently only available in the App Store in Canada. This utility not only lets users easily add effects, texts and modifications to images that are uploaded to the platform or that are available in your library. In addition, it exports memes directly to Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Related Notes

The app To make memes is part of the New Product Experimentation (NPE) initiative of Facebook, a unit that the brand created in early 2019 to create new ideas. According The verge, Whale is part of the group of apps that also includes Moments, Notify, Lifestage, Tbh, Poke, Slingshot, Moves and Hellow. Spokesmen of the brand said that these projects could be suspended at any time. Nor does it have a monetization system.

An unexplored business model

Facebook is not the only large company that has decided to use these resources to their advantage. Aeromxico has just launched a great campaign with Harold, the lord of the meme to promote his offers of the past Good End. last april The use of these resources between the public and the companies encouraged the creation of a union of creators of memes. Several companies join trends that cause a stir in social networks.

Something that catches the attention of this case is that, in general terms, it is not uncommon for companies to want to join the process of dissemination and popularization of memes. As already said, it is a standard practice among companies. What interests Facebook's action are its clear intentions to get involved in the creation of these resources. Production not in the sense of replicating already popular images, but working on future new trends.

Sure, we still have to see if Whale is a app popular with the target audience. However, if it is a resounding success, the company will have in its hands an unparalleled opportunity to take advantage of the memes. You can turn this company into a true trendsetting machine, which you can control directly through suggestions and tools. Something that, in addition, advertisers can rent to complement their marketing strategies.