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external battery with double wireless charger

The use of external batteries has gone from being something punctual to a great need when leaving home. The reason is that more and more mobile devices are used and, in addition, the importance of these is vital for many (an example are laptops or smartphones). One of the best solutions you will find is ZeroLemon ToughJuice, an accessory that meets all kinds of needs.

This product has as one of its virtues the power load at the same time nothing less than six devices in an independent way. This is achieved, among other things, because it offers four USB ports (two of them type C), which provides great flexibility in its use. But, in addition, this accessory includes something that is not exactly common in external batteries: there is a dual wireless charger Qi compatible that allows both compatible smartphones and headphones to be used.

Offers for large capacity external batteries with USB Type-C

Obviously for this to be achieved effectively this accessory must include good amperage in the battery inside, and it is true that it is perfectly fulfilled since it has nothing less than 27,000 mAh, so it is capable of filling six devices at the same time without problems that have a battery of, for example, 4,000 mAh. Therefore, it is an excellent solution when it comes to use when you are in conditions of mobility. As seen in the image we leave behind this paragraph, the thickness offered by the external battery is somewhat elevated, which makes sense due to the indications of your battery and, in addition, by the use of two independent coils for wireless charging.

Suso from the external battery ZeroLemon ToughJuice

ZeroLemon ToughJuice charges even laptops

This option is increasingly demanded by users, since computers that include a port USB type C, this is allowed to charge the battery inside, but the element that supplies energy must fear high power (and be compatible with Power delivery). Well, the accessory we are talking about complies with this and, in addition, it is of the most interest in the market since it is capable of using up to 100 W. Therefore, it is the fastest and therefore it is perfect for both Windows laptops and those that use macOS – a 16-inch MacBook Pro completes a process in just one hour, for example.

Ideal for travelers: wireless external battery at an incredible price

The manufacturing combines rubber and polycarbonate, which ensures a good resistance to the impacts. In addition, ZeroLemon ToughJuice includes an element in the equines so that the falls are not a problem when taking this accessory from one side to the other. In addition, other physical security elements are included, such as some tapas for each of the ports USB. Do not forget to comment that there is a button on the top of the external battery that allows to deactivate the transfer of energy and, in addition, indicates by means of LEDs the amount of cargo inside it.

Options for using the ZeroLemon ToughJuice external battery

If you wish to have more information about this product, the available one is in Indiegogo where you will get shortly to get financing and if you register to know all its details get a discount When this happens. The truth is that, for use options, this product is most interesting for those who use many devices with a rechargeable battery when leaving home.