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Download in Windows 10 your new free theme with winding roads

Microsoft intends to regularly offer new themes that can be used to give a new air to your operating system Windows 10. This changes what is seen in the wallpaper and, in some cases, even the color scheme used in the user interface of the Redmond company development will vary. Well, it just launched new content that is free.

One of the things offered by the new theme, which is called Winding Roads PREMIUM, is that the images offer excellent quality and, therefore, it is possible to use them even on computers that have a screen with 4K resolution. Therefore, the good work that Microsoft puts on its issues remains, although as in this case you do not have to pay anything to download it from your store. By the way, if you wonder how many options are offered in the pack, these amount to nothing less than eighteen, what is good news.

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What you can see is each of the photos provided are different roads with a lot of curves that are all over the world. These types of vas are very attractive to see them from the heights and, the truth is that there are great images in the new theme Winding Roads PREMIUM, since there are some options that are in the mountain and, after, that cross fences with colors spectacular. The case is that surely there is something that fits the tastes of each user.

Theme image Winding Roads PREMIUM

Download this new theme in Windows 10

The truth is that it is the simplest, since if you use the button that we leave behind this paragraph, you can directly access the Microsoft store which is the place where the topic we are talking about is found and is achieved at no cost. Once the page in question appears, you must press the button Get and, then, the process begins to leave it installed and, therefore, can be used routinely in the operating system of the Redmond company.

Winding Roads PREMIUM download

How to use the images on the computer

Once you have the content available on your computer, be it a laptop or desktop, to activate it and whatever it looks like as a wallpaper you have to give the Next steps:

  • Open the operating system configuration, something you can do by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the Start Menu that is shaped like a gear.
  • Now select the Personalization section among all the ones you see on the screen and, in it, look for the Themes option in the left area.
  • Now simply find the list of the ones you have installed and when you locate your own with winding roads, click on it to use it.
  • Have finished.

Windscreen Roads PREMIUM theme wallpaper

If you want to change the color used by changing with Winding Roads PREMIUM, you must choose the section called Colors and choose the one that you think best fits or simply let Windows 10 do it for you by using Automatically select a primary background color. That simple is everything.