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Crazy Shapes is a fun platform where you can change your way

Crazy Shapes is a new game for Android and that is basically a platform in which we will use the gestures to jump and become different characters. These characters will be worth us to perform different skills such as ramming against enemies and thus breaking them into pieces.

A nice platforms in which the design of the levels and some peculiarities of their own, make it a fun game to have a good time. A game that itself has part of what we look for in a platform. Let's see how it differs from the rest of these types of games that populate the Google Play Store.

Use the special powers in Crazy Shapes

First you will handle the main protagonist who it will move by itself so you only have to make gestures so that he jumps, and thus avoid touching those enemies that will come directly to him. That gesture used in different parts will cause different movements. Our protagonist can grab the walls to release the others and thus use one of the most basic movements in this type of games.


The amazing thing comes after the passage of the first levels when let's get to some power towers that will give us certain powers. One of them is the onslaught with a lateral gesture. In those moments when we see a larger enemy on our way, we have to make that lateral gesture so that our protagonist attacks him as if he were a brave bull.

So we will ram while we jump and avoid the different elements that are cleverly placed so that as we play things get more difficult. That is, according to the gesture we make, our prota will become one of his alter ego to generate different skills.

A well done platform

So we can use the different super powers according to the ways in which we change. Since major jumps, accelerate or even throw They are some of those special skills with which you get very curious and fun moments. All seasoned by the option of rescuing allies, connecting solar energy and opening portals.


Plus what is the egg hunt, breeding of magical animals and the encounter with their partners in order to open a greater range of skills to pass the most difficult levels. What to say that we are facing a game that is getting complicated as we progress, so do not intend to spend it in a matter of half an hour or so, you will need something else.


There is no lack of daily tasks in order to contribute to never missing content during the days, or weeks, according to our expertise, it takes us to finish Crazy Shapes or move on to other platforms. Be that as it may, the guys at Rogue Games have worked out an interesting platform for our mobiles.

Change shape and fly through the levels

The fact of being able change your way through the different gestures that you can activate, puts a very special point to try to find out what is the best way to pass the levels. Already first, with the onslaught, you are going to take the gustillo to give some good blows and incidentally advance very fast through the level while you are jumping. It does not reach the height of Oddmar, but it is close in creativity and ease.


Technically it's very well worked and even its protagonists have their one to go taking love. We highlight the different environments and how on several levels we already have a good variety of enemies. We also highlight the great design of each of these levels so that we can work a little on completing them.