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Chau WhatsApp: the owner of Telegram recommended uninstalling the Facebook chat for its serious security flaws

The creator of Telegram hit the Facebook chat hard and said it is a surveillance tool

 , service
instant messenger
 Mobile most used worldwide with 1.5 billion users, was the victim of a sophisticated attack that violated the privacy of the chats. Months later, he said behind this incident
was the Israeli firm NSO, although for Pavel Durov,
The creator of the Telegram chat, this incident is part of an American surveillance program.

"In May I noticed WhatsApp's back doors, and this week a new fault exposed all user data to hackers and government agencies. The method was very basic: the attacker only had to send you a video and all your data was at your disposal, "added Durov

"Facebook has been part of the surveillance programs before acquiring WhatsApp. It is naive to think that the company changed its mind after the purchase," Durov said.
in his official profile on Telegram.

The creator of Telegram believes that Facebook failures are implementations of accidental failures to expose its users. "Our app has similar complexity and had no problems with the magnitude that WhatsApp experienced," said the executive and added: "Unless you agree to make your messages and photos public, my recommendation is to remove WhatsApp from your phone" .

It is not the first critic that WhatsApp receives, the chat acquired by Facebook in 2014 for 19 billion dollars. One of his co-founders, Brian Acton, retired from the company and asked in 2018 that users
delete WhatsApp. Within a few months, his former partner Jan Koum
He also retired from the company.