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Champions and Challengers, fun battle game

If you are one of those who enjoy Adventure Time, get ready: the new game in the Cartoon Network series is now available for Android. Download it now!

Cartoon Network is an animation series factory that has filled children's hours and hours with a multitude of titles and characters. Not only children, that the series of this channel have the appeal of liking the most adults as well. Do you agree with Adventure Time? Well Finn and Jake land again on Android with a fun battle game.

The franchise already accumulates a few titles in mobile application stores. This particular one was looking forward to: after weeks of announcing its appearance it was yesterday when it was finally available. The wait was worth it: Adventure Time: Champions and Challenges It will fill your entertainment hours without complications. Beware: hook.

Adventure time in its purest form adapted to rapid battles

Download the new Adventure Time game: Champions and Challengers

The mechanics of this game is to face different hordes of enemies leading Finn or Fionna, depending on which side of the mirror attracts you most to this universe of animation. From here you will have endless options with which to equip the characters for battles as well as numerous improvements that, as is often the case in freemium games, can be purchased with dropper without paying or faster if you go to the cashier.

The atmosphere, animations and sounds of the characters are the originals of the series, in this sense the adaptation to the touch screens is perfect. Getting all the game options that exist costs something else since the possibilities are very wide. And as for the battles themselves you will only have to worry about the kit: the fighting itself is done in turn and based on strokes on the screen.

Download the new Adventure Time game: Champions and Challengers

Adventure time: Champions and challengers is a great game for all tastes, even for those who do not know the Ooo universe. You can create your own team and fight in real time against other opponents. And with all the grace of Adventure Time.

Download the latest game from Finn, Jake and company

As we said, it is now available in the Google Play Store. It is free, but includes the relevant ads and in-app purchases.