Cases, made of artificial human skin

Cases, made of artificial human skin

Mobile devices designed to look, feel and react like human flesh.

As reported

For the first time by Gizmodo, the "Skin-On interface" was designed by a team of French human-computer interaction researchers in an effort to create more effective user input methods.

"When we interact with others, we use the skin as interfaces," explains designer Marc Teyssier.

“However, mediated communication objects, such as the smartphone, still have a cold interface that does not allow interaction and natural entry. In this project, I wanted to make available the perfect human interface that is the skin for existing devices. ”


Available in two styles, "simple" and "ultrarealistic," Skin-On interprets user tickling, pushing, stretching, grabbing, and [shudder] pinches – as well as the emotions implied by those gestures – in a variety of applications.

Like the human epidermis

Skin-On is made of multiple layers that can detect and interpret pressure across the surface of an object.

According to the Skin-On prototype, this allows the interaction of the back of the device and the detection of grip, among other specific features of the application, some of which are presumably sexier than others.

In addition to mobile devices, Skin-On can be applied to track pads, portable devices, select robotics.

There are no words

If these creepy cases ever became available for purchase, the truth is that ami makes me very impressed with today's technology.

The researchers and designers behind Skin-On will present their work at the ACM Symposium on software and user interface technology in New Orleans starting Sunday.