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as being the new mobile of the creator of Android

One of the company that raised the most expectations in 2017 was Essential, the startup that created Andy Rubin, co-creator of Android, when he left Google. His first mobile was a failure although as a terminal it had its positive aspects.

Rubin was going to leave Essential claiming personal reasons and Bloomberg even published that the company would go on sale. However, the latest information talks about the development of a new smartphone led by the Android exCEO. And not a conventional one precisely.

Small screen and voice control

According to the newspaper, Essential is developing an intelligent device that does not closely resemble the mobiles we usually see lately. For this, the development of home automation devices on which, in theory, the company was going to focus on moving away from smartphones has even been paralyzed.

To get started, the screen size will be considerably smaller that in the current mobiles and the reason is quite special: it will be mostly controlled by vo commandsz.

This means that the screen must not be especially large to be able to write or perform actions on it.

An own virtual assistant

Andy Rubin leaves the company he created to manufacture the Essential Phone

The other pillar on which this project would be based is the artificial intelligence and is that Essential would be developing a virtual assistant that would allow to control the mobile without touching it.

This assistant could even answer emails or messages for us, taking advantage of the data we would have with our use. A proposal that sounds quite spectacular and reminiscent of Duplex.

The mobile will be a virtual version of yourself

If the idea of ??this smartphone is already striking we can not say that it lives up to what Andy Rubin wants for the future of this sector. According to the engineer explained in a 2017 interview, the ideal is that the mobile was a virtual version of ours that could manage multiple tasks without our intervention, taking us more time to perform other tasks.

Although the source is Andy Rubin himself we have to take these statements with caution since the entrepreneur is not characterized precisely by his containment or humility and it would not be uncommon for a few months to attend the closure of the company, something that has been about to happen several times.