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Apple will be the next year in the jump to 5G with the iPhone of 2020

iPhone 12 concept

5G is already one of the most talked about technologies. It is a really important leap in terms of telecommunications technology, not so much for consumers now, but as a springboard for other innovations such as autonomous cars or the internet of things. Even so, users will also begin to notice the improvements of this change with the arrival of the terminals compatible with the 5G, as is the case of the next iPhone.

Next year, Apple prepares a line of devices that, according to rumors, will be fully compatible with the 5G. In this way, users will have access to significant improvements in speed and latency in our mobile connections, in addition to other advantages of this technology. And although by then they will not be the first to launch this type of phone to the market, it seems that they will manage to be the best again, at least according to analysts.

Through MacRumors, we have been able to know the report of the market analysis firm Strategy Analytics on the evolution of the market share of 5G compatible devices in 2020. For the firm, Apple just needs to keep sales figures from previous models to lead this segment. This is because, although there are already companies like Samsung with 5G phones on the market, Apple will prepare to launch three simultaneous models with this technology.

5G market share

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Of course, 2020 seems to be a most interesting year, especially when it comes to Apple. According to the great references of the rumorologist in the community, we can see not only an important iPhone redesign, but also new products such as augmented reality glasses or a new iPad Pro with two cameras. Even now, when they have a really interesting line-up, it seems that it is nothing compared to what is to come.