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Apple says it does not get benefits repairing the devices



A commission of the United States government raised a series of very interesting questions to Apple during the month of September. Now, the apple company has responded, and there are very interesting facts …

From Apple they have responded in a PDF document talking about Safari as a native web browsing application, about some restrictions of the operating system of their products and about the costs of repair services, among other issues.

And it is that device repairs are usually very expensive, especially with Apple products. But according to the company, they don't earn a single dollar repairing their customers' iPhone and iPad. Keep reading, it's worth it.

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Apple's responses to the US government

Apple Marunouchi Interior

The Apple document is full of very concise answers, but also very predictable. First, since Apple they wanted to make it clear that Safari It is an application that improves the iOS user experience, with leading security and privacy functions in the sector. That is why they use their app as predefined.

Does Apple allow users to set a browser other than Safari as the default browser?

“Safari is an application that Apple believes defines the core user experience in iOS, with industry-leading security and privacy features. Safari is an operating system application, such as Phone, Camera, Photos or Messages, that are designed to work together. ”

On the other hand, Apple also wanted to explain why they decided to develop their own map system Apple Maps and implement it on your mobile devices. The company says that it has invested billions of dollars in the service since its launch in 2012. Surprisingly, the company once again refers to privacy … launching another right-hand strike at Google.

Why did Apple decide to develop its own map application instead of continuing to use Google Maps on the iPhone?

“Apple thinks it could create a better map app. In addition, due to Apple's commitment to privacy and security, and the desire to keep as much information within the device as possible, Apple believes that offering a more integrated map on the device will meet the privacy needs of customers at the same time which provided them with an exceptional experience. Apple Maps helps users find their way without compromising privacy. Custom alerts and suggestions, such as informing users when it is time to leave for their next appointment, are created using the data on their device. And the data that is sent to Maps while using the application, such as search terms, navigation route and traffic information, is associated with random identifiers instead of a user's Apple ID. ”

Finally, from this commission of the government of the United States of America, they also wanted to ask about the benefits that their services provide repairs of devices and equipment.

For each year since 2009, please identify the total benefits that Apple derived from its repair services.

“For each year since 2009, the costs of providing repair services have exceeded the revenue generated by repairs. Apple does not take any action to prevent consumers from seeking or using store repairs that offer a wider range of repairs than those offered by authorized Apple technicians. Customers are free to obtain repairs at any repair shop of their choice. ”