Here are some tricks to improve your Android battery

Android applications to download when you release mobile

When you release new Android phone, One of the first things that are done is to install applications. Thanks to the Android applications available today we will be able to take advantage of the phone and make the best possible use of it. The amount of them in the Play Store is very wide. Although there are some essentials.

A series of Android applications that most users install to take their first steps with the phone. Then we leave you with a list of these applications, organized into several categories. Thanks to them you can start using your newly released Android mobile.

Social networks and messaging

Here are some tricks to improve your Android battery

One of the first applications that are usually installed on the phone are those of messaging and social networks. With the passage of time, they have been gaining presence. In addition, we have more and more options in this field. Most likely, you have an account on some social network, so you also want to have access from your smartphone. The most prominent in this regard are the following:

Along with social networking applications, another type of Android applications of great popularity they are the messenger. Since one of the most frequent actions is to communicate with friends and family. Something we can do through these applications on the phone. WhatsApp is the great queen in this field, but it is not the only option. Then you can do with the most prominent in this field:


An antivirus with almost 50 million downloads steals user data

The security of our phone is something important. Fortunately, We have Android applications that will help us. Since thanks to them we can protect the device in some way. With the passage of time many different categories have emerged in this segment. So we have many different options. Although there are some apps that stand out above the rest.

Among them we find password managers, or a VPN to connect privately. In short, there are quite a few applications in this field. We leave you with the most prominent in this sense.


It is a password manager, which we allow you to save all passwords securely. In this app all are saved in the cloud, not in the phone. Therefore, they will not be in danger at any time. In addition, it is an application that allows us to configure a master password for our smartphone. It should also be noted that it is easy to use.

TunnelBear VPN

Thanks to a VPN we can connect to the Internet in a secure and private way. There are currently many options in this field. But TunnelBear VPN is one of these quality Android applications that we cannot miss. Therefore, if you want to navigate with a VPN, it is the best option. It also stands out for being easy to use, ideal for beginner users on Android.

Find my device

We have already talked about this application before. It is an application that has improved significantly with new features. Thanks to her we can find the phone in case of loss or theft In a simple way. Without doubt, an essential application in this regard. In addition, we can also access from the computer, with the Google account. So we can locate our smartphone easily.

Organization and tools

While to share large files on Android

As you probably know, we can give many uses to our new mobile. Therefore, it is good to use Android applications that help us to have everything organized. Also tools with which to have additional functions. In this way, depending on the use you make of the phone, you can access all these functions. In this sense we refer to apps such as notes, file browsers or apps as translators.

Google Keep

If you want to have everything well organized, A notes app is essential. In this way, you will be able to make shopping lists, pending tasks, reminders or write something urgent. Luckily, we have many options available. Although Google Keep stands out above the rest, with its good design and ease of use. In addition, being Google, it is completely free and without ads.

Google translator

Definitely, one of the most useful tools for Android. Thanks to this app we can translate all kinds of texts. In addition to the large number of languages ​​available, it stands out for many other functions. Since it gives us the ability to translate without the need for an Internet connection. In case this app does not convince you, there are many other options available.