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an accessory for your phone to be a dive computer

The usefulness of mobile phones is impressive, and does not stop growing thanks to the use of accessories. One of those who call attention to how different it is is called Diveriver, which allows to convert a smartphone into a complete set to perform diving. We show what exactly this product offers that, at least, is worth knowing.

Those who dive are knowledgeable to get the usual accessories that can be carried, such as a computer and a camera, is something quite expensive. Well, with the product we are talking about, this is solved in an economical way thanks to the use of a smartphone and, in addition, taking up very little space – therefore, it allows greater freedom when doing a dive.

Accessories for smartphones that you should carry in your suitcase on vacation

What is achieved with Diveroid is to convert a smartphone, to which the necessary protection is added so that do not suffer from pressure, is to have in one device a dive computer, an underwater camera and, in addition, a log book (without missing a compass, something essential when diving). This, among other things, is achieved because it includes a application, which allows you to display the screen properly under water, due to its colors and high brightness use, which is capable of managing the data acquired – such as depth, immersion time, temperature, and necessary ascent time with excessive speed warnings.

The camera of your smartphone underwater thanks to Diveroid

A diving accessory includes a waterproof housing of small dimensions that supports up to 60 meters. In addition, it includes a rear element that allows you to manipulate the screen and, therefore, it is possible to manage everything that has to do with the photo and video recording that current smartphones allow. Very interesting a algorithm which is included in the corresponding application that allows correct the lack of light by increasing the depth and, therefore, that the predominant blue or green is something of the past.

A good detail that is included in Diveroid is that the compatibility that offers with the different phones of the market is really big. Thus, for example, it is possible to use the housing we are talking about with LG devices; Samsung; Xiaomi; OPPO; Manzana; Huawei; and many more. In this link you can know if the model you have allows the use of the accessory in question.

Final details and purchase of Diveroid

Some details that are included in this product, apart from agglutinating in a smartphone several essential functions when diving, is that they include five elements that reduce heat which is generated when recording (especially with 4K quality). In addition, it is important to indicate that the whole set is protected with Gorilla Glass to avoid problems in the dives.

With a function that allows you to perform a automatic call to a ship so that it comes exactly to the place where it is (this configuration is done before saving the smartphone), the truth is that this accessory is most striking for different and, the truth is that it allows you to save a good amount of money it costs only 225 euros. To achieve this you have to access Kickstarter, where you have already obtained financing and the shipments are made in February 2020.