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Almost no one wants a Facebook smartphone, according to a survey


Almost no one wants a Facebook smartphone, according to a survey

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April 4, 2013

Facebook HTC First

Facebook He faces an important day today. The popular social network will present its new launcher based on Android It will be accompanied by your own hardware. However, it seems that such a movement does not arouse great expectation among users, or at least it follows from a survey in which 82% of participants said they were not interested in the HTC First For a future purchase.

Mark Zuckerberg you need to do a good job today if you want to attract public interest to the new phone number Facebook. Being clear, the movement seems somewhat strange, in the absence of knowing more in depth the proposal of Facebook, and is that having a device focused on the social network can not be said to be something too necessary, when today we have application and widgets to manage the profile within our smartphones and tablets.

Anything to improve the service and experience, as well as expand tools, welcome, but an operating system around Facebook It is a bit exaggerated, in addition, the HTC First Nor does it seem to be an extremely powerful machine. From what we have been able to know so far, it is more similar to the good devices of the last generation than those of the latter. However, as we say, we must see what Zuckerberg tells us. A successful approach can always go around the matter.

In any case, people's attitude of entry seems to be nothing positive. Only 3% of respondents per Retrevo are a priori convinced that the smartphone of Facebook it would be for them a purchase option, while a forceful 82% does not contemplate it like that at all. At the same time, 15% of the sample prefers to wait before pronouncing.

Facebook HTC

The hypothetical smartphone of Amazon neither attracts the attention of users too much, although it does to a greater extent than the mobile of Facebook. Up to 10% of respondents in this case contemplates their purchase, while 66%, for the moment, is reluctant. The low expectation for the smartphone of Amazon we are surprised a little more, sincerely, especially seeing how good the product is Kindle Fire, and knowing that its essence (low price / high performance) can be transferred to a terminal.

In spite of everything, we will be attentive to the details that Zuckerberg offers us. Hopefully they get to make it more interesting than it seems in principle.