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A new open front: Smartphones VS Portable consoles

Un nuevo frente abierto: Smartphones VS Consolas portátiles

What the headline says summarizes the situation in which the US market is and in which, little by little, it will become a fact in the rest of the world.

At first, a smartphone was a device to make calls and in addition to that, surf the internet. But of course, logic dictated that manufacturers take the next step and began to implement powerful processing chips, higher RAM, graphics chips and if we add to that phone / tablet sensors and his ease of transport, we have before a combo which is absolutely lethal for portable consoles always.

As I said, one of the main reasons that can drive the consumer to set aside a portable console in favor of a smartphone, is his mobility. He "I carry it in my pocket«,«it's very finite»Or«it weighs nothing«, Are powerful reasons to take that step. This is an addition to «all in one»Which makes up a smartphone, whose formula is: phone + camera + video + music + social networks + mail + chat + internet + apps + games = 180 grams. The formula is simple, round and undeniable.

On the other hand, we are faced with the issue of game control through the touch, movement or by voice, which makes everything more simplified and, if I may, also more "natural." That is the case of games like NOT GOING. HD, a first person shooter whose motion controls linear (forward, backward and lateral movement) appear on the left side of the screen, the jump, the shot and the change of weapon in a tactile buttons on the right side and fully accessible with the thumb while holding the device and the system of targeted free (or what comes to be the fact of moving the head in the game to look and aim) is done moving the smartphone towards the desired direction. Or as with Trial X2, a trial motorcycle game in which the accelerator and brake are touch buttons and the weight distribution on the bike, it's done tilting the phone to one side or the other.

This does not end here, because we must remember that the power currently presenting these gadgets It is really impressive and the games are, graphically, incredible. In fact, I refer to the aforementioned (N.O.V.A.). It's true that many of their games use flat or 2D graphics, but high graphics processing capacity, makes these terminals can move 3D-looking graphics really good and in a very fluid way, moreover, some smartphones move very easily graphic engines like Unreal Engine, when before we needed a well-armed PC.

Another interesting approach is the added value of the not having to walk with cartridges or loaded discs in the pockets. Due to the storage capacity of the smartphone (some reach 64 Gb), many can be installed games and even some load the screens or some of your options online thanks to 3G and WiFi connectivity.

Another important factor is the economy. Many of the games they can hardly cost 2 euros, reaching 5 or 6 euros If we go to the most advanced, they are really spectacular. That is to say, for what it costs a game of Play 3, a user can download from 10 to almost 30 games Or maybe more, depending on the prices.

In addition, we run into the possibility of play online with friends and that many of these games interact with social networks, allowing us to compare our results and scores and compete against other users.

Do not lose sight of more and more programmers they are carrying their main titles in mobile format, as is the case with Electronic Arts. This makes us deduce that this type of entertainment platform It has full and absolute support from developers, who are perfectly aware that the future is mobile and it is a booming and constantly evolving market

I would like you to participate in this debate and I launch this question: Do you think that smartphones will replace portable consoles?