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10 Android applications that will make you very nostalgic

The Android user has available continuous stimuli in the form of new applications that arise through Google Play. Few arrive to stay, and many are easily forgotten. We have decided to make memory to rescue some apps for Android that were in the top of the most used.

A few days ago we brought you the Google Play analysis conducted by App Annie celebrating the ten years of life of the platform. Undoubtedly, we were surprised by the amount of Android apps we downloaded and ended up unused daily. It is not the case of these five applications that we are sure were your header apps for a long time.

Viber was the pioneer of free calls

Its predominantly lilac logo seduced us easily but its main attraction was not that. Viber saw the light in 2012 and allowed make calls for free to other users of the application, getting many to download it and invite friends and family to do the same.

Its amount of emoticons and stickers was such that it reminded many of the old Messenger. Realistically, at his birth he faced two giants: Line and WhatsApp. The battle was difficult but he tried to win his place. The courier failed in its attempt and stayed in nothing, at least in Spain. In other countries such as Serbia the app is a success and has more than 2.5 million active users. Line's powerful marketing deployment was enough to keep an audience that only saw two colors: green and lilac, since the services they offered were practically similar.

In 2014 Rakuten bought the platform and it is still valid. It is available for download and the premises to seduce the public have changed. Viber is currently able to support group chats with unlimited number of users. Viber Communities is this new functionality of the app. It gives the possibility of being a member of a group with thousands and thousands of people with similar tastes to you. Of course, we do not want to imagine what the moderator of a chat of that draft should go through.

10 apps for Android that will cause you a lot of nostalgia

Another of the features that the Rakuten tool currently has is the section «Discover» in which news of all kinds appear by categories and a catalog of bots to choose the ones that will serve us most.

10 apps for Android that will cause you a lot of nostalgia

Doodle Jump continues to jump despite having almost a decade

This list would be incomplete without this wonderful game. So funny was that the strange thing was that an Android or iOS user did not have it among their applications. As the unbeatable Snake did so much in our Nokia, Doodle Jump will remain unshakable in our memory.

The premise of the game did not cause furor for its innovation, rather it was governed by a fairly simple gameplay. Keeping our cell phone upright, we watched a little alien jump from platform to platform.

The game was born in 2009 and is something that has pleasantly surprised us. Despite being almost ten years old and able to be the great-grandfather of Pokémon GO, he has aged very well and we are glad that he is still available on Google Play.

And yes, it may seem that in an actual market marked by video games as powerful as Fortnite there is no room for an iconic game from those before, but nothing is further from reality. That the trend is that does not prevent from time to time a simple distraction to relax (or irritate), killing Martians while we do not stop voting.10 apps for Android that will cause you a lot of nostalgia

Snapchat asked for it while Instagram allowed it

"An announced death" could give name to the last days of Snapchat being the top of the most downloaded. Although many believed that Instagram would not get away with it, the Facebook giant devastated. We invite you to download the app again to see if any of your tracks continue to upload content. The platform feed is almost deserted although some remain reluctant to fall into oblivion.

It is a shame that Snapchat has been relegated to what one day its competitors were: taking a selfie with a fun filter to upload to Instagram. Because the truth is that your proposal is still as valid as the first day. We will always remember her with the love of being the first who managed to get us all down the street sticking out her tongue with the famous dog filter.