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You can now hide and ignore the comments you don't like on Twitter

hide comments twitterTwitter users can now hide and ignore responses and comments they don't like, without completely removing them from the platform. After testing the tool earlier this year, Twitter announced (through a tweet, of course) that it is now possible to hide and ignore comments. The option began to be implemented globally on Thursday, November 21, after previous tests in the United States, Japan and Canada.

The tool of Hide ReplyTo hide answers is intended to put some comments out of the spotlight, without deleting them completely. It seems to be a reaction that, as soon as networks launch more options for users to control the content, critics accuse them of censorship.

The hidden answers are no longer directly below the tweet, but they can still be seen within a dedicated section that contains such responses, if users really make the effort to search for them.

How can you hide the comments you don't like?

To hide an answer that was published after your own tweet, you just have to click on the arrow-shaped cone, which is located in the upper right corner of the comment. When a pop-up, or pop-up window appears, choose Hide Reply. A second pop-up window will ask you if you also want to block that user, and there you can choose if that is your decision.

If you want to review the comments you hid, they can be displayed at any time using the same arrow cone. While that means that those answers are still accessible, the hidden answers are less direct and central.

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