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Xiaomi works in "Sunlight mode" for phone use in full sun »ERdC

Xiaomi works in "Sunlight mode" for phone use in full sun

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The use of our mobile devices under the bright light of the sun often It is difficult if automatic brightness is disabled. It becomes almost impossible for the user to see something until the brightness returns to the considerable level. In the most severe cases, even the screen brightness is not able to provide adequate visibility. However, the Xiaomi has found a new way to adjust the screen backlight even if auto brightness is off. Xiaomi has introduced a new screen configuration called ?Sunlight Mode ? or "Sunlight mode" in MIUI 11 to facilitate operation in direct sunlight.

Sunlight mode or Sunlight mode for MIUI 11

When activated, sunlight mode switch to the highest brightness level once the device detects that it is using under direct sunlight. This is equivalent to the "high brightness mode" that is present in several manufacturers or is activated once the ambient light becomes bright enough. According to the guys from the XDA Developers developer forum, the new mode it is activated once the ambient lighting crosses 12000 lux for 5 seconds. It is reduced and set to the previous state when lighting falls below 12000 lux for 2 seconds.

In the MIUI 11 change log, the sunlight mode is said to be ?adjust the brightness to a strong ambient light when the automatic brightness is off". It is quite useful for users who often they are exposed directly to sunlight and do not like to use automatic brightness mode on their devices. Xiaomi Solar Light mode Only use ambient light sensor readings to make it work. Given the above, surely all Xiaomi devices with MIUI 11.

Coming soon in MIUI 11

This is a feature. quite useful for users and it has a simple but effective operation. In addition to the above, MIUI 11 It presents several improvements and new features over previous versions. One of them we have in the same Android 10 in some models that receive it. Then we have a renewed user interface, file transfer Mi Share, Aways-On-Display, Digital Wellbeing, Quick Responses, My Work and other applications that are present in MIUI 11.

Xiaomi has already launched MIUI 11 at Poco F1, Redmi K20 Series, Redmi 5 and several other devices. However, devices such as Redmi Note 6 Pro, Redmi 7A, Redmi 8 will soon receive the stable update.


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