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Xiaomi has hidden options in its camera: so you can activate it

Xiaomi has hidden options in its camera: so you can activate it 1

The Xiaomi Cmara native app usually gives users some headaches. It is not usually as intuitive as other proposals, but that does not mean that it does not have powerful functions that allow us to play with our creativity and take good photographs.

We have already mentioned a series of tricks that you can apply to take better photos in Xiaomi, and now we will tell you a secret. There is hidden functions in the MIUI camera that you can activate by following a couple of steps.

And as we are talking about the native Xiaomi app, these hidden camera options should be available for most of the brand's phones with MIUI 10 and MIUI 11.

How to activate hidden camera functions

A detail to keep in mind is that these options are experimental features, so they will change over time. Depending on the model of your Xiaomi it is possible that you have all the experimental functions of the moment or only some.

To bring these functions to life and appear in the Camera Settings, you just have to follow these steps, which you can perform from mobile, or if you prefer from a computer.

Assuming you want to do the process from the mobile, open a File Manager and go to Main Storage (in case you have an SD card) or Internal Memory, and select the DCIM >> Camera folder.

Inside the Camera folder create an empty file with the name "lab_options_visible" (without the quotes).

Xiaomi has hidden options in its camera: so you can activate it 2

And if you prefer to perform the process from the computer, then you connect the mobile with the option to transfer files and follow the same steps.

How to see the functions in Cmara

Now that these hidden options are activated, go to the Camera app and look for Settings >> Additional Settings, and you will notice this difference:

Xiaomi has hidden options in its camera: so you can activate it 3

In addition to the normal configuration options, a series of new functions appear. The images are from a Redmi Note 7, so the functions that appear on your mobile may be different. Also, approximately 10 additional functions are added.

When you enter Settings you see a message that says Experimental features. Do not panic, since it is normal, the system informs you that you have experimental functions activated.

What are these functions for? Some are already active in the app, but this gives you more control to activate or disable them according to your criteria. Most functions use algorithms to improve different aspects of the photograph.

For example, “Turn on MFNR” reduces noise, “Turn on SR” works with the camera's super resolution and, on the other hand, “Internal magic tools” implements a series of improvements to increase image quality.

But there are also others that allow the user to customize the camera's interface when taking pictures, for example, “Hide face detection frame automatically” allows you to disable the frame that appears in portrait mode when using face detection.

If after trying them you want to remove them from the Cmara app interface, you can reverse the process by deleting the file you created in DCIM.

Illustrative image of the Xiaomi Mi9

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Xiaomi has hidden options in its camera: so you can activate it
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