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With social marketing, Guillermo del Toro and Cerveza Victoria liman asperities

Image: Courteous

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After Cerveza Victoria integrated in the image of the filmmaker Guillermo del Toro in a special edition of cans and that there was a claim by the filmmaker, the parties have reconciled and an agreement between them has been announced.

Through his Twitter account, Del Toro reported that there was a conversation between the brand and him to reach an agreement on the use of the image and personal brand of the filmmaker.

The agreement consists in the creation of a new graphic project to replace the cans that had already been presented with the face and signature of Del Toro.

The filmmaker assures that there will be no profit for him, while the brewer donates part of the proceeds of the campaign and sale of the cans to support the Mathematics Olympiad of Mexico City and Special Olympics Mexico.

The first instance responded to the filmmaker's announcement.

Through social networks, the disagreement between the Victoria and Guillermo del Toro brand caught the attention of netizens and became a trend on Thursday.

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