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Virtual reality matures and the industry adjusts its expectations

The technology of real appearances is heading for slower growth, but also more stable

For four years

At the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, there is a parallel event dedicated exclusively to virtual reality, the VRGDC.

This conference brings every year the latest in this industry.

If 2016 was the year of illusion, in which virtual reality was sold as the most disruptive technology since television, 2018 was the jug of cold water that met expectations.

This year

The VRGDC, it seems that virtual reality is finally aimed at slower growth, but also more stable.

Mature to establish itself in the entertainment sector as another offer.

This year the development of video games in this medium is growing, but above all, the large number of virtual reality helmet presentations of the main companies in the sector, such as Facebook with Oculus Rift S.


The virtual reality platform of the company HTC, called Vive, will launch this year three models focused on different users.

The helmet without cables or mobiles, Live Pro Eye, which has motion sensors that capture the look inside the game and will be sold mostly to gamers.

The HTC will launch in the coming months the Vive Cosmos, which will be connected to a PC while the Vive Focus will be specially designed for companies, either for training videos or virtual conferences.

HTC also makes available to its customers VivePort, a platform of applications, games and virtual videos.

PC and 4k helmets

Within this category this year represents a real flood. Apart from the Rift S, HP introduced Reverb, which exceeds many of its competitors in graphics and weight, since it is lighter with just 500 grams.

Other helmets that are not connected to cables and that promise 4k quality, are the new Pico Goblin 2, from the Chinese company Pico Interactive, which as HTC also wants to focus on companies and is offered directly as a training and entertainment tool for clients (dentist consultation, transportation, etc).