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Try the new Clash Royale card with your flying machine challenge

The Flying Machine challenge comes to Clash Royale to let you try that new card. And you can win it if you get enough victories.

The challenges are commonplace in Clash Royale and one of the reasons to strive for reach level 8. They are a direct way to win gold and new cards; however complicated it is: the level of players in these tournaments is high. What do you want to try the last card and also win it? It will be difficult, we already warned you, but also very funny.

The Machine flying It is the next card that will reach Clash Royale. It will officially appear within two weeks, but starting tomorrow we can already prove how it will be in the decks. It promises to be a full-fledged "must": for its reach and also for its aerial capabilities.

Individual choice challenge with the first free game

Try the new Clash Royale card with your Flying Machine challenge

As usual in these types of transcendental challenges, accessing the first game will not cost you any gem. A first free attempt that will be governed by the rules of the individual choice challenge: take 4 cards and your opponent will choose another four. At least one of the two will play with the new card: the flying machine.

As the important thing in all the challenges are the prizes that are achieved depending on the expertise, here are the different reward categories.

  • With two wins you will earn 2500 coins.
  • With five wins the sum amounts to 5000 gold.
  • With eight wins you take 10 cards from the Flying Machine.
  • With ten wins you get 15 gold ooo.
  • If you achieve 12 victories you take 100 cards from the Flying Machine.

The challenge will start tomorrow and will last all weekend. You will have the option to try the new card that officially arrives in a couple of weeks, so it is a good way to win gold, cards and experience with the use of the Flying Machine. Remember: the first entry is free.