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Tropico is one of the best arrivals of the year on Android

Tropico is one of the best known simulation franchises on PC. Now we have it on Android for our enjoyment as a premium game that reaches 12.99 euros. Logically you will not find any micropayment for that high amount.

When we are not used to paying so much for a game, the fans of this simulator in which we are proposed to be the leader of a Caribbean island, will surely fall soon on their islets to enjoy as they did from their PCs. has arrived fully optimized for Android.

Tropical as in PC

Tropico has been able to take us before the experience of taking an island and being the Leader, with its bad and good things, from a population that cheers us. As a newly elected leader, you will have to be able to exploit the resources of the island and discover its enormous potential to raise your nation to others.


A game in which map looks in 3D and we are to what would be a Caribbean Sim City, although with its differences, since Tropico is a unique experience in itself. You will have all that of the construction of cities, although with a political tone that is perfect for us to laugh and see how the population is able to rebel against our mandate.


You can develop and manage both construction, such as roads and buildings, as those aspects most related to the population. I mean, we can talk about what you can exercise command in military, commercial policies and outside; in fact we see some similarities with another of the best games released this year: Rebel Inc.

Can you be a visionary leader in Tropico?

It is up to you to use those resources to be exploited to convert to your country in a tourist paradise with a long future, an industrial superpower to take away fear with Russia or simply a police state in which fear is generated in every citizen of your Caribbean island.

At ground level

If we talk about politics, we also talk about you you will make the counting of elections yourself, end those subversive elements that want to throw you out of power or control public opinion; not at all weird these days. And of course, those who follow you can be rewarded to thank them for how well they do the ball and work on your side.

Tropico has been designed for Android to be a port carried out from scratch. With an intuitive interface you can play to simulate PC experience Of course, the launch is finding bugs and lack of performance, so we will wait for updates to start going thin.

A premium game of the best

With the arrival of Tropico marks a milestone in this year for Android, since we are facing a true premium construction simulator. Premium is a single payment and all content there at once. We are grateful that every time we see more games like this on Android and that it is getting many players to spend their euros to have spectacular games.

At ground level

A game that technically is to stand out and that brings the PC experience to your mobile. Get ready for good graphics, that 3D that lets you move it in the perspective you want and in which you can even walk along the ground to know the lives of your fellow citizens. It is translated into Spanish and you will get tired of playing it, since you have weeks and weeks of play to discover if you will become a beloved leader or one of the hated ones.