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This robot help seniors and their families

Japanese scientists from Riken and Sumitomo Riko Company Limited have developed a Steal, a robot specialized in caring for sick or elderly people unable to mobilize on their own. The prototype, which might look similar to a Disney animated character, looks friendly and its technology allows it to manipulate patients with extreme smoothness.

The name he was baptized refers to his face resembling that of a toy bear. It measures one and a half meters high and weighs 140 kilosHowever, it can move to small corners of a home and support patients when they need to get up or move from bed to the wheelchair, freeing not only the sick themselves (since many times they can feel like a burden for their caregivers or relatives), but also to those who care for them, since it relieves them of constantly carrying the weight of the person, a fact that can trigger muscle injuries or be long-term.

Robear is gifted with three types of sensors that determine the force and speed necessary to move the person in question without being in danger.

(Source: Riken Press Room)

The friendly and useful robot is part of the research in general that is carried out to improve the quality of life of the elderly. Science is recently focused on this issue as life expectancy has increased worldwide, due to the evolution in health, improvements in food and increased occupational safety.

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