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these are the best apps

Many have thought about it but it was too late. Why won't I have recorded that call? There are situations in which having had a telephone conversation registered would have been helpful.

A fairly complex action to carry out since Google blocked call recording on Android 9 Pie. If you have the update installed, say goodbye to dedicated apps. You will have to settle for using your phone's speaker and the recorder of another device.

And, although it is not possible to register calls natively on Android, there are alternative tools. Google Play puts at our disposal a huge catalog of apps to record calls. We bring you the best for when you decide to remember the most relevant talks.

Call Recorder, which offers more possibilities

The 5 best apps to record calls

The first of our list is placed at the top on its own merits. Call Recorder has a fairly descriptive name, but offers much more than just recording a phone conversation. With this tool We can save all records in our Cloud account. We will not have to be afraid of losing the content and we will have it available in the cloud on other devices.

With Call Recorder we can also configure the movement. With this option, Every time we want to record a call we must shake our terminal. The app will detect the movement and start recording the dialog. Useful, right? As soon as the conversation gets interesting move your phone and at the end you will have the registration ready.

By default this application will record any conversation that occurs between contacts in our calendar. Although it can be deactivated, it is not bad to have this option active in case we miss the call recording. The simple thing is to use another of its integrated functions. It allows us to select contacts to ignore. The app will recognize what they are and at the time of receiving a call, the ignored will not be recorded.

Finally, we also like to have double life, what does this mean? Than deleting a record will remain in the "Trash" tab and it will not be removed until we decide; or we exceed the limit space of this section.

ACR reminds us where we made or received calls

We have chosen this platform because you should not worry about whether he is recording or not. It will be activated at all times, so your only task will be to decide whether or not to save that recording. The app will record all your calls by default. Neither agitation nor previous activation, there is no discomfort with ACR.

The 5 best apps to record calls

In addition, it is one of our favorites because organize items by date, facilitating the search when we have been using it for some time.

We will also have at our disposal the premium version from ACR. With it we will be able to save the recordings in different formats, block all records with a PIN and store the recordings in any cloud service.

Save only important calls with Call Rec

As you can see, there is not much variety in the terminology that the developers of these apps have used. In this case, we like Call Rec because difference between those really important calls, and those that are not. It will be fixed in the seconds that the conversation lasts. In the configuration of the tool you can decide if those courtesy calls, the shortest ones, are not directly saved. The only disadvantage is that to gain access to these functions we will have to pay for the premium app, 14.99 euros to be more exact.

The premium version of Call Rec manages to offer attractive features. From the edition to the distinction of important calls

Thanks to that differentiation we will not have countless recordings without meaning. The apps that record automatically generate the carelessness of hitting a button, but we will also accumulate recordings. Although with apps like Call Rec you can add descriptions and edit the records, you must listen to them first. For all the above it is appreciated that this platform distinguishes between the important and the irrelevant. We will not have unnecessary content on our device.

The 5 best apps to record calls

Finally, with Call Rec We can also edit the recording at the same time the call is made. If you add a comment while the conversation occurs, the app will detect that that particular one is important and will be saved in “Favorites” directly.

Record and block annoying contacts thanks to Auto Call Recorder

With Auto Call Recorder, in addition to recording conversations, We can block annoying contacts. Those numbers that call us repeatedly and those we don't want to attend will no longer be a problem.

We also highlight the search options. We can apply the following filters: Recent call, previous call, received calls or dialed calls.

The 5 best apps to record calls

The best to filter calls: CallX

We finished this top of apps to record calls with CallX. It is really complicated to succeed when most apps fulfill the function they promise. CallX gets it done offering the possibility to filter calls.

The 5 best apps to record calls

With that filter Only the calls we decide will be recorded. We can determine if only those that come from an unknown number are recorded, only those of our contacts or all of them.

Recording our conversations is possible and comfortable. The tools dedicated to it in Google Play offer multiple possibilities. From recording only the most unexpected calls from strangers to recording everything simply by waving the terminal. Choose and test which of them meets your expectations. And remember: with Android 9 Pie these applications will not work.

these are the best apps
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