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The WatchOS 6 Noise App helps a guy with autism.

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At this point we have lost count of how many articles we have written about whether the Apple Watch has helped someone detect a heart disease, or if it has helped a person who had had an accident, and so on. Today we bring you something that may still sound more amazing, and that is once again the Watch has helped improve someone's life, this time a boy with autism and his family.

The functionalities of the Watch, even better with the creativity of its users.

Sam Bennett is a Texas boy with diagnosed autism. Among the different situations that this implies, there is one that greatly restricts his life and that of his family, and that is that Sam is not able to control the tone of voice with which he speaks, producing this difficult situations by not being able to speak In a normal tone. After many attempts with different methods, his father, Scott Bennett, came up with the "Noise" App on the Apple Watch to help his son control the tone. The result was so surprising that he couldn't help sharing it with everyone, and I wrote to People magazine to let them know how the Apple Watch had changed their lives.

Watch application Noise

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In the article, the father comments as the Noise App and the function that alerts when decibels are too high completely change the life of your child and family. This App allows you to configure a decibel threshold and once exceeded alert us to it. In this way, Scott adjusted this threshold to match the changes in his son's tone, and so he could realize that he was raising his voice.
As indicated, Now with a simple glance at the clock when he alerts you, your child is able to realize that he is speaking very loudly and so you can correct it.

Now Sam Bennett is able to know that he is raising the tone with a simple glance at his grimace.

As we can see, even beyond the benefits that Apple has included the Watch, it has enormous potential in itself to change and make people's lives easier. What will be the next thing that the Apple Watch be capable of?