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The sticky game that sweeps Android: S as Jose 2

Be Like Joseph 2: Revenge. This is the sequel to the already iconic game that revolutionized Google Play.

Be smart. Be like José. With this premise, many of the lovers of absurd humor (among which I find myself) delighted in a game that we even talked about here, in The Free Android. A meme made application, which was based on the adventures of an imberbe named José, whose "feats" showed us the way to be smarter or better person. How beautiful is the Internet.

And if with the first part you laughed at more power, be in luck. Joseph, after an exile to hell (really) has returned with more force than ever, ready to teach us his best lessons. This is Be Like Joseph 2: Revenge and we will talk about this absurd title that has conquered the minds of many on Google Play. And what are not hearts.

I know how Joseph 2: Revenge or how to be a better person

Be Like Joseph 2: Revenge or how to be smarter thanks to a stickman

This game is the second part of a first that swept Google Play. It is already known that the Internet loves absurd things, and this "Be Like Joseph" is the perfect proof of that. Because it is not a game that stands out for much, rather than having a humor absurd, illogical and irreverent. And that usually likes among the youngest, and also among the most veteran of the Network of Networks.

Be Like Joseph 2: Revenge shows us the return of our dear José, a puppet who teaches us that, thanks to his decisions, he is a human being above the rest, anticipating the weavings of modern life. Even if you don't expect him to do it normally, since his madness will depend of your choice, and consequently that his destiny falls in glory or misfortune.

Be Like Joseph 2: Revenge or how to be smarter thanks to a stickman

The game does not stand out precisely because of its graphic section, although we must not take credit for Victor Kunai, your Creator. It is a matching meme, and it must be said: the first I liked it very much. Will the second get it? Well, it must be said that although it has many notable improvements, and only the interface seems something … more "shabby" than the first, being that much more simplistic and without breaking too much the "aesthetic" of the game. But we appreciate the size of effort that the creation of this title must have meant.

As in the first part, we will have to unlock a series of levels and following the same operation as in the previous Be like José: our "hero" will be in a dangerous situation and you will have to choose one of 3 options. The difference is that in the first "Be Like Joseph" nothing was happening if you failed, while in this yes. If you hit the first one, green. If you do the second, or the third, orange or yellow.

Be Like Joseph 2: Revenge or how to be smarter thanks to a stickman

Also the graphic section of the situations it has improved, having better drawings and it must be said, more funny situations. The remodeling of the interface, without being perfect, has brought notable improvements as levels created by the players themselves or a "Plus" version, in which paying a quantity you can eliminate advertising, and access other features. In addition, a system has been implemented of coins.

Thanks to those coins, you can customize to your dear José, putting different faces. We do not know if it has real utility, since in several "missions" the face was not noticed or changed. But hey, we appreciate the detail. For the rest, it is still a game with a very humorous «Random» that lovers of the genre will enjoy very fluently. And you want it not, the music that harmonizes the "experience" always comes in handy.

Be Like Joseph 2: Revenge or how to be smarter thanks to a stickman