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The Puo of the North Star is already here with its original manga

He Fist of the North Star It was announced weeks ago so that we could register in the previous one on Google Play, and today it has been launched so that we can go to a game that is technically very successful, although it does not avoid that of the freemium.

In fact we are facing another turn-based combat game in which our ability will focus on knowing how to use the skills properly; and of course, using those extras that can come to progress more quickly from the bank card.

The fans will live it without any doubt

The Fist of the North Star is a manga that arrived many years ago in these parts so that from comic stores we could buy it. A great manga that has become a reality in a game for our Android phones and that surely will enjoy their fans.

Special ability

We would have liked the proposal to be otherwise, but with all the barrage of freemium games, we find it strange that coming from SEGA proposed something else. Be that as it may, we have here the Fist of the North Star as a turn-based combat game that does not depart much from other games that have passed through our lines.


We will face a series of enemies of different levels until we reach the final boss and continue discovering all the adventures that await us. What can be appreciated is that Hokuto Shinken's manga has been respected to enjoy illustrations and graphics of great quality; This will be noticed by manga fans from the start.

A main screen crammed with icons in The Fist of the North Star

We are pleased that the main screen of The Fist of the North Star be crammed with icons. And the truth is, we have never seen so many shortcuts in the same space before. What to say that our protagonist shows his head almost as if they did not leave him or have his space to be seen; A curious and anecdotal point of this game.

Main screen

In The Fist of the North Star let's relive the story of the original manga with the same details that got their first chapters to hook hundreds of thousands in their day. Many of his scenes have also been reproduced to take them to 3D from a combat perspective that is cool and animated with different simply spectacular cinematics; you will repeat the voices of our prota when he releases his special ability.


Not only will you play with the protagonist, but you can incarnate in some of the Hokuto school and Nanto as well as secondary characters. That is to say, that you are going to live in the first person everything about manga on the screen of your mobile. The gameplay does not invent anything, and that said, turn-based battles that from the first moment will not be easy; At least they have cured this.

Graphically superior and demands a good terminal

In a Note10 + they put us in the slider in the third position of five. That is, we can upload it, but it is recommended to play it like this to perform perfectly; And it does. By this we mean that It is a game that demands a good machine. If we talk about a mobile with 12GB of RAM and a great graphic, you can imagine what you need.