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The Google Nexus tablet appear within six months according to Eric Schmidt

The former CEO of Google, now on a tour of Europe, has released some wonderful statements, not dropping, but directly stating that within six months we will see a tablet with which they are working, that is, from Google, the equivalent of the Nexus.

We assume that with the hardware of some manufacturer, we intuit that either Motorola or Samsung, currently its two strongest allies. That is, one Google's own tablet as are the Nexus, not one that is linked as the Xoom was, which after all was only a tablet where Honeycomb was developed, no, in this case Eric's words are clear, among other interesting things he has commented in an interview to the Corriere della Sera and we retaliate.

In his statements he avoids questions about a voice assistant like Siri, since reports about the purchase of Alfred by Google or the Majel project have been leaked recently. Eric responds that they already have the best system of interpretation, translation and action of voice commands, however it drops that the market evolves and that it depends on the demand that some things prosper or not. We assume that it is not to your liking since in previous statements he said that he did not understand well the usefulness of speaking to Siri, however I fear that on this subject I do not believe he has a voice, but rather the demand will be the one he sends and Say yes, it will arrive sooner or later.

About Google X, the division in charge of projects and innovationlet's say heterodox, Eric preferred not to comment and simply make clear and clear his enthusiasm for the project for which they have recently obtained the patent, of the car he drives alone. However, its commercialization still sees it far, close to a decade.

With regard to YouTube and television and therefore from Google TV, in which so many efforts are being put but that do not seem to work, Eric remains convinced that 2012 will be the year of his final hatching, reaching Europe completely in the first half of 2012. At no time does he intend to mix the TV of the entire life with YouTube or vice versa, just see it as complementary and differentiated channels.

Finally, the note in which Schmidt talks about the tablets, mentions the iPad saying that his friend Steve Jobs was able to see their revolutionary potential, creating an amazing product. Eric apostailla later: «We in the next six months have the intention of marketing a high quality tablet« adding afterwards that the competition of tablets and smartphones with Apple will be brutal and almost ruthless, a clear example of capitalism.

Well, you can take the calendar and mark June (a typical month of major technology releases) such as the arrival of the Google Tablet, the Nexus Tablet or how it ends up calling. We already have the confirmation, now we have to know everything else, the machinery of the rumor begins to run, and my nerves … well, I'm going to tell you now … 🙂

Source: Corriere della Sera