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The Android pirate ruins the most anticipated game premiere

Monument Valley 2 has been the latest victim of piracy on Android. Your APK has already been leaked and could ruin the arrival of one of the most anticipated mobile phone titles.

To a greater or lesser extent, Monument Valley has been one of the most relevant games in the history of Android. Personally I think it lives up to the best and if not be the best. Although for tastes, colors. Therefore, its sequel Monument Valley 2 It is one of the most anticipated releases since it was presented for iOS 11, next to the presentation of the system. And its premiere is in danger

Because one of the most serious issues for Internet multimedia content It is piracy. And unfortunately the game APK has been leaked, being able to obtain it from various websites. Obviously we are not going to publish the APK in The Free Android, and we strongly recommend waiting for its official release and contributing to the creative studio, Ustwo Games Buying a digital copy.

Piracy on Android: Monument Valley 2 in danger

Android piracy ruins the most anticipated game premiere

The success of the first Monument Valley has consolidated it as one of the best Android games. This implies that for the creative study, Ustwo Games (bought by Tencent) the pressure to reap the same success in Monument Valley 2 It is even older. And more with the advances that have been since the first title that fell in love with hundreds of fans. With the leaked APK the Android premiere of one of the highest hopes for the video games section of our platform is put at risk.

Piracy is a serious matter on Android, and Monument Valley 2 is its latest victim

Needless to mention the energetic negative that sets The Free Android against piracy, but it should be mentioned that the quality of Android games It is minor because of this. As our partner Ivan told us, because Android is a free system, it is Quite easier to hack content. And of course, the quality of what is published decreases in the absence of benefits. And it is no longer a matter of how much I earn or not a study. But of how it affects the work of others.

Think one thing. The Ustwo Games studio put a lot of love and effort into taking out Monument Valley. And with the trailer and the latest reviews of its iOS version, we are before a formidable game, that not only It hasn't come out for free, but it will not have gone cheap either. Do you want to enjoy Monument Valley 2? Think that hacking it, you're getting that study Work at the expense of having a very low profit. Is anyone going to work more for less? No. There you have it.

Don't ruin the success of this great saga

Android piracy ruins the most anticipated game premiere

If you want a quality game that lives up to the first, we insist that you enjoy such content legally. Surely you would not like them to do the same, and although we know that piracy is something very difficult to fight, it is in your hand Whether the success of this great game is real or not. And it's not turkey booger, because it's a game that has been waiting since a time ago. And it's not fair.

If a study sees a real benefit and a love from the community, it will work more and better, and therefore, you will have a Monument Valley 2. It would not be the first time an artist, studio or company cancel a project Due to piracy. So don't steal Monument Valley 2 from Android. Because yes, there is a great variety of games in our system. But we do not close the doors to a demonstration of authentic quality.

Upgrade: Ustwo confirms that Monument Valley 2 will finally arrive on Android on November 6.