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The 25 best applications for Android tablets Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich

The tablets have been living with us enough now, and since the Android based they reached the market, this has been increasing, but it has not been much less a boom. Are still few users compared those with an Android tablet, and it is curious, because there are many free apps for tablets that work great, when in others you have to spend enough money To start being operational.

Some time ago we talked about a few applications for Android tablets, but today we are going to review the 25 best apps for Honeycomb and in a very short time also to Ice Cream Sandwich, and we will do it from the beginning. I will highlight not only applications from Market, but also some of the native, because they are so incredibly good that they deserve to appear on the list.

All of them are perfectly adapted for tablets, and in the title of the application you have the link to Android Market to download it.

Google Maps

Although I will not make the list in order of preference or taste this is the one that seems the best application for Honeycomb. It really is amazing. If the Android for Smartphone and PC are already a pass, this is brutal, especially because it is like the PC but driving it with your fingers. You really have to try it to know what I mean.


Also an integrated app, but I can't get it off the list. Its design is based on three columns, of which we only see two at a time. They are the GMail menu with received, sent, favorites, etc., the tray in question and the body of the message. Depending on what we click, it will show us one or another of these columns. The operation is 10, and it is going great.

Google Talk

Another app that dances, a real past. I know that the applications that come by default go unnoticed many times, but it is so incredibly good that you have to name it.

Body – Mirror

The Google Maps of the human body. You can explore the human anatomy by zooming and removing and putting layers of muscles, bones and nerves. It is flipant, and I assure you that you can spend hours researching and learning with this application.