Telegram thoroughly renews its appearance with its latest update

Telegram thoroughly renews its design with its latest update

The war between messaging applications It continues its course even though the users have already chosen their sides. In our case, for example, we are from Telegram although we keep WhatsApp for the rest of the contacts. We work with Telegram, we send files by Telegram, Stickers … The best thing about this app is that it serves almost everything.

Delving into its enormous potential since Telegram They have decided to upload an update offering many new features. It is the number 5, a round number (and without rhyme), hence the changes are noticeable. And small changes, starting with the interface: it has been thoroughly redesigned in Android keeping in mind the cleanliness and quick access to the essentials.

Telegram 5: new design for profiles and settings, Instant View 2.0, language packs …

Telegram thoroughly renews its appearance with its latest update

We had been a while without Telegram be updated. And what an update is coming, the list of changes is huge. They are not improvements that radically change the use of the messaging application, but they do facilitate that use. That is more than enough.

Starting with the design, which is most noticeable, Telegram 5 It changes the appearance of many of the icons taking advantage of to offer a much cleaner and minimalist interface. This can be seen in the profiles or in the application settings, for example. In addition, each profile offers access to content you shared, so it is much easier to find a photo or file, for example.

The complete list of changes it brings Telegram 5, apart from the redesign of the interface, it is as follows:

  • Instant View 2.0. Now web pages load much faster within the application. A lot of superfluous content is also obvious.
  • Language pack support. The idea is that the languages ​​are translated in real time for those who apply the different packs. It is also easier to collaborate in translation.
  • New settings for balloons with the pending messages to read.
  • Improved profile photo selector.
  • Added a new zoom on the videos and navigation of the photos sent as a document.

To update your Telegram you just have to go to the Google Play Store: version 5 is waiting for you to download it to your smartphone.