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Team GO Rocket leaders arrive at Pokmon GO, can you defeat Giovanni?

Pokemon GO rocket

Pokmon GO continues to introduce news almost every week and if yesterday we learned of a future improvement related to multiplayer mode and augmented reality, now they surprise us with the arrival of Team GO Rocket leaders to the game.

The world of Pokmon GO is in serious danger after the arrival of Team GO leaders Rocket, Cliff, Sierra and Arlo. Apparently not only have they caught more dark Pokmon and strengthened them with unnatural means, his arrival also confirms the suspicion that Professor Willow has been fearing for some time: Giovanni, the head of both the Team GO Rocket and the original Team Rocket, may have made his appearance in the world of Pokmon GO.

Coaches from all over the world will have to unite against Team GO Rocket

Team GO Rocket leaders with Giovanni are using new technologies to cover up their den locations. Professor Willow, Spark, Blanche and Candela have worked hard to develop new devices that counter this new Team GO Rocket technology to discover them

The task of the coaches is essential to achieve this since we will have to explore the world, fight the leaders of Team GO Rocket and complete a special investigation to find and defeat Giovanni.

These are all the news of this event focused on Team GO Rocket, probably one of the biggest we've seen in Pokmon GO.

  • New special research: Lurking in the shadows; Professor Willow has initiated a new special investigation. If you help Professor Willow, you can track down the evil leaders of Team GO Rocket and Giovanni himself.
  • Find Mysterious Components; we must defeat the Team GO Rocket Recruits to get them.
  • Build Rocket Radars; Team GO Rocket leaders want to hide what Pokparada they are in. With six mysterious components we can create a Rocket radar to scan our surroundings and find the hiding place of Team GO Rocket leaders.
  • Face the leaders of Team GO Rocket; Cliff, Sierra and Arlo have already taken a step forward, have your best Pokmon ready to fight. Defeat the leaders of Team GO Rocket and rescue their dark Pokmon.
  • Complete the special investigation for vroslas with Giovanni; By fighting with Team GO Rocket Recruits and defeating their leaders, you will show that you are the best Coaches and could complete the investigation to receive Professor Willow's Rocket superradar that will help us locate Giovanni and confront him.

As we see it is about a very complete event What will make the next few weeks broken we are quite entertaining fighting Team GO Rocket and its leaders.